Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

New Chairman Says Club Is In “great Position To Go Forward In The Future”

New Worcestershire chairman Stephen Taylor insists the club is "in a great positive position to go forward in the future."

Taylor paid tribute to his predecessor Martyn "Percy" Price for the healthy state of the county as his eight year term at the helm comes to an end.

The former Great Britain hockey international told last night's AGM: "I'm very proud and privileged and honoured to take on this role, especially with it being our 150th Anniversay Year.

"This is a very well run professional county cricket club and I'm pleased I'm able to take on a club that is run that way.

"I'd like to thank Percy Price for his eight years as chairman and what a great time he had – and I know that because he told me!

"He said Steve 'it's a wonderful job, you will love it and it will be brilliant.'

"I know there has been a lot of good but there has also been some bad and in business I know that's the way it falls.

"But thanks to Percy for all his support over the last year and I'm also thanking Percy for handing over the club while it is in such a positive way.

"It is a very positive time for the cricket club, it is in a great positive position to go forward in the future.

"For me to take over as chairman with the club playing Division One cricket, to have these wonderful facilities and finally for the club to be in a stable place financially is to have a great platform for this club to now go forward.

"There has been a lot of work over the last eight years from Percy and his vice-chairman in doing that."

Taylor will also have a close working relationship with the England and Wales Cricket Board.

He said: "There is a lot happening at the ECB, we are seeing a lot of change at the ECB with the likes of the new chairman, the new structures that are taking place within the ECB.

"There will be changes within the game of cricket for the future, I'm sure of that.

"Part of my role is to make sure I represent this club in what we feel is the right thing that should happen for the game of cricket with the ECB."