Monday, October 20th, 2014

Leatherdale Pays Tribute To Sterling Work Of Price And Elliott At New Road

Leatherdale Pays Tribute To Sterling Work Of Price And Elliott At New Road

Worcestershire chief executive David Leatherdale has paid tribute to Martyn "Percy" Price and John Elliott who are standing down as chairman and president respectively.

Price has been chairman for the past eight years and it was his capital which enabled the county to purchase the extra land on which The View corporate and membership facilities and the Premier Inn were built and opened at New Road within the past year.

Former county player Elliott was Pice's predecessor as chairman during the difficult period of the early 2000s before becoming president two years ago.

Leatherdale said: "John was chairman after Duncan (Fearnley) for eight years and then followed by Martyn for the last eight years. John has also done the last two years as president.

"They have both given a huge amount to the club both in time, effort and, as was announced at the agm last year, what Percy has done financially for the club over the last few years.

"Percy will potentially stay on the board and John is a vice-president anyway so they will still be involved with the club.

"They are the stalwarts that have been very much instrumental in getting us to where we have been, John through the difficult times of the early 2000s and then Percy with the ability to put the funds in which actually allowed us to buy the land for the hotel and the new facilities we've got.

"Both John and Percy deserve a lot of credit for what the club has achieved."