Saturday, May 14th, 2016

Fell Awaiting Scan Results But Targeting Full-Time Return To New Road

Fell Awaiting Scan Results But Targeting Full-Time Return To New Road

Tom Fell says he is "feeling good" after completing his third bout of chemotherapy for cancer in the lymph nodes and is targeting a return to full-time training with Worcestershire.

Fell is optimistic of getting the all clear next Thursday when he undergoes a scan although the 22-year-old admits he "cannot get too excited" until he receives the results.

But Fell feels sufficiently strong and well enough to play club cricket for Wolverhampton this weekend ahead of two T20 games for Worcestershire Seconds against Somerset Seconds at Taunton Vale on Monday.

Then he will set his sights on challenging for a first team spot at New Road once up to speed fitness wise and if he score enough runs for the Seconds – should the scan provide the positive news he craves.

Fell said: "I have done my last bout of chemo which is good. I'm playing for Wolverhampton on Saturday. I'm feeling fine so I might as well play when I'm feeling fit. I'm also still down to play in two T20s at Taunton Vale on Monday.

"From now on, I'm going to be back full-time with the club. I'm feeling absolutely fine. There is no more chemo to do. It is only going to get better from now on. I moved back to Worcester yesterday (Friday) and will be back with the squad properly.

"I've got a scan next Thursday and, depending on the scan, if the scan gives me the all clear, that's it and I'll have a check up in three months time or so.

"If it doesn't then there will be the next stage of the process but, fingers crossed, I'm sure it will be fine. I can't get too excited until then but the success rate is over 95% and it is pretty likely it will be fine. I've just got to wait and see.

"I'm feeling fine in myself and, if anything this last cycle of chemo, has been the best one. I've felt better during this one than the first two which I didn't really expect, a bit of a bonus."

Fell has learned to cope with the demands and worries of a challenging winter and the cycles of chemotherapy.

He said: "It's been tough. I've had some days where I haven't felt great but apart from that, it's been the boredom of being at home, not being able to do what I want to do, a lot of just sitting around and waiting and not doing a great deal.

"I can't wait to get back into it now and live my life again. I've coped with it better than expected really.

"Everything I've been able to do has been a bit of a bonus really, managing to play in a second team game, playing golf, probably doing more than I thought I could do."

Fell admits he faces a battle to regain his senior spot at present given the outstanding early season form of the County's batsmen.

He said: "I'll be playing second team cricket for however long and trying to work my way back into the first team.

"I'm not going to be playing right away. I'll have to prove my fitness and prove my form.

"They have all got runs in the first team. There is no way in at the moment. Everyone has played really well. Hopefully that does continue."