The Academy & Pathway ‘Belonging’

‘Being related to and being part of the Worcestershire CCC pathway. A sense of belonging gives us a sense of purpose in all that we do’.

The unique nature of Worcestershire CCCT is our ‘culture’ a shared set of values that have emerged from the club’s history of experiences and the story that is produced out of that. It’s the past that gives the club its current identity and is suggestive of the behaviours required in order to preserve that identity.

The central notion of ‘community’ is a powerful one and is lived and breathed through the ONECLUB culture. Arguably community is about connectedness, acknowledging our interdependence and caring for the whole club. In this way community enhances our collective possibility to create an even better club than we now have. Expanding a shared sense of belonging is shaped by the idea that this happens when we are connected and care for the well-being of the whole club.

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