Wednesday, July 1st, 2015

Kohler-Cadmore Thanks Gidman For Support As He Strives To Regain Lv = Cc Spot

Kohler-Cadmore Thanks Gidman For Support As He Strives To Regain Lv = Cc Spot

Tom Kolher-Cadmore has thanked Alex Gidman for the advice given him as he looks to amass the runs in second eleven red ball cricket which will put him back in contention for a place in Worcestershire's LV = County Championship side.

Kohler-Cadmore admits he put "too much pressure on myself" in his eagerness to return to the team after being dropped after the first two LV = CC games.

But there were encouraging signs for the former Malvern College pupil when amassing 153 for the Seconds against Yorkshire at Barnt Green last week – his highest score at that level.

And he is quick to thank New Road newcomer Gidman for his support.

Kohler-Cadmore said: "Who is good for advice? Alex Gidman. I speak to him all the time. He has been really good for me. I know personally for him this season so far hasn't gone how he would have liked.

"But he's been fantastic with everyone. He's always got the time of day for me. He's not selfish and thinking about himself.

"I also have every faith that he will turn things around and have a strong end to the season.

"If every I need anything, he is just a phone call away, advice on batting, advice on anything. He's been great for me.

"He is incredibly kind of giving with everything. If he thinks you are doing something rubbish, he will tell you it's rubbish and if he thinks you are doing the righ thing he will tell you.

"He is very honest with me and I like it. He can be hard on me but if he feels I'm doing things right, he will tell me.

"The relationship we have is brilliant."

Kohler-Cadmore admitted: "I found when I first got dropped, I looked for it a bit. I was thinking 'got to get back in, got to get back in' and I put too much pressure on myself.

"Recently I've just gone 'enjoy it, play as well as I can, not worry' because if you play well the outcome takes care of itself.

"That's what I tried against Yorkshire (at Barnt Green), played every ball as they came down and tried not to get ahead of myself and it came out nicely.

"In the Seconds, there are people doing well every week so competition in the side to try and be the next man in for the first team.

"I've just got to keep scoring as many as I can and then hopefully they will consider playing me.

"Hopefully my 150 will stand me in good stead and I can get more runs when we next play red ball cricket in the Seconds. I'm just going to bat.

"If I bat well, I bat well and if I don't, it's not going to be too much of an issue I feel. You can't force things. If you are going to get picked, you are going to get picked."