Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014

Worcs Trio Prepare For The Future With ‘we Are Beard’ Link-Up

Worcs Trio Prepare For The Future With ‘we Are Beard’ Link-Up

Three Worcestershire CCC players are preparing for life after cricket by undertaking work experience with one of the county's official partners.

All-rounder Gareth Andrew, paceman Chris Russell and spinner Shaaiq Choudhry are all learning the ropes on a part-time basis with We Are Beard, Worcestershire's official creative design partner.

The trio hope to continue playing at New Road for many years to come but see their link up for one and a half days a week with We Are Beard as a way of ensuring they are ready for the day they have to hang up their spikes.

Beard is based in the St. Swithuns Institute, The Trinity, in Worcester and offers a full range of branding services based around graphic design and website design.

These services include logo design and print design based services, such as brochures, banners, leaflets and much more.

While Chris and Shaaiq are learning the basics on the design side of the business, Gareth is concentrating on marketing and will start a London School Of Business course next month.

So how did the link-up with the county trio happen? Beard managing director Rob March explained: "It came about with the association we've got with the club. We've got to know some of the players through various photo-shoots and things like that and got chatting to them at a couple of dinners.

"We found out they were interested in what we do, from different perspectives, marketing and design, and we are quite keen to help people out so that's really where it came from.

"Have they got potential to go into this sphere when finish playing? I think so. A lot of it is about enthusiasm because I'm a believer I can teach anyone the programmes and they are the fundamentals of what we do.

"It's about enthusiasm and having an eye for design and creativity as well. From what I've seen, they've all got it. It's just spending the time to actually develop it and to nurture the talent.

"Gareth actually offers something we don't actually do a lot of the time in-house. With Shaaiq and Chris we are offering more design assistance.

"Gareth is looking at the marketing side of things and that is something we don't have a lot of time to do ourselves so he is doing something that is actually helping to promote our business with social media and research into lots of businesses we can be contacting."

Andrew echoed the sentiments of the county trio when he said: "I'm loving it. The marketing is something I will start studying in January so for me to have that opportunity being here and seeing how it works is fundamental for me learning and also moving forward.

"Also, if I can help out as the business is growing so rapidly, then it will be great. I start studying for a marketing certificate through the London School Of Business, their marketing side.

"Hopefully I will get that done in the next two years. "I'm trying to map out my future because with professional sport you only have a shelf life for so long.

"It's something I've got into over the last couple of years and it's something I want to go further with. I've a really keen interest. Marketing covers a huge field."

Andrew, who hopes to get the clear to resume bowling in the New Year if the scan on his lumbar pedicle provides positive news, added: "At the moment, I'm able to do one full day and one half day a week – and so are Chris and Shaaiq – when we are not training.

"It is just a breath of fresh air and nice to concentrate on something else different to cricket.

"Also being laid off by injuries for the last 18 months, it has been nice to have something to concentrate on. You get frustrated when you are injured.

"I managed to play all summer just as a batter but to have something else to think about as well as cricket is definitely something I would recommend to all youngsters.

"Working here, you get the feel this is a company going forward and is going to expand and the clients they are working with now."

March said: "The business is flourishing. We are talking with three or four clients who are huge, global names and that has been our springboard from the work we've got with the club because the club was one of the first brands known outside of Worcestershire.

"We needed a name like that to help propel us forward because it gives people confidence that we know what we are doing.

"We knew that we were good enough and it is about giving people confidence."