Thursday, November 19th, 2015

Worcs Ccc Refurbishing Club Shop Ahead Of Xmas And Forthcoming Sale

Worcs Ccc Refurbishing Club Shop Ahead Of Xmas And Forthcoming Sale

Worcestershire CCC are refurbishing their flourishing Club Shop in The View Sports Bar – ahead of a pre-Christmas sale of merchandise.

The Retail Experience returned to inside New Road for the 2014 campaign in an area underneath the Premier Inn before being transferred to The View.

Sales have been consistently healthy throughout 2015 and now the refurbishment will open up additional space for products and extending the range.

Worcestershire Commercial Director Jon Graham said: "We took on a lot of feedback. When we first built the View, we had the Retail Experience where the bar is now underneath the Premier Inn and, whilst it was great for T20, for the other games it was not ideal.

"We moved it to the Sports Bar and it has gone down well. It is not the biggest space in the world but we are going to refurbish it so we can get more product on the walls so we can extend the range a little bit.

"We would anticipate that being done by the end of November. One thing we want to give to our supporters is a destination before Christmas to actually buy some mercandise that won't have been in that position for quite a few years.

"We will be open nine to five, same as the office hours, and we will be open the weekend before Christmas and we will be running a sale, more of which will come to light when we have refurbed.

"The tie-up with Canterbury, there has been a real healthy appetite for that brand along with ours. We've still got some of the 150th Anniversary produce left.

"When it's gone, it's gone, we won't be doing it again and undoubtedly there will be some deals on the Rapids merchandise for the younger audience."

Graham added: "The shop over time is going to evolve like the ground. We didn't get it right straight away and we are probably not yet there.

"But we are definitely improving and the sales have been really healthy this year, far better than they have been for a number of years.

"It is important we are open over Christmas. Dads can be hard to buy for and so can sons. We will make the commitment that if anyone does buy from the club shop they will get free parking."