Monday, June 8th, 2015

Worcs Ccc Proud To Renew Partnership With Bishop Fleming Spanning 80 Years

Worcs Ccc Proud To Renew Partnership With Bishop Fleming Spanning 80 Years

Worcestershire CCC are proud to renew their partnership for 2015 with Bishop Fleming who have been their official audit and tax partners for more than half of the county's 150 year history.

Bishop Fleming, one of the most vibrant Top 40 accountants and business advisers in the UK, have been working in tandem with Worcestershire since the mid 1930s.

And devoutly keen Worcestershire fan Ian Smith, the Bishop Fleming partner at their Worcester office, has been having business dealings with the county for the past 28 years.

Bishop Fleming have seven offices stretching across the UK based at Bristol, Worcester, Bath, Exeter, Plymouth, Torquay and Truro.

With over 250 staff, including award winning accountants and tax advisers experienced in a wide range of specialisms, Bishop Fleming are passionate about helping you make your business a success.

Ian Smith said: "It is a partnership with Worcestershire that started in the 1930s and we are delighted that it is continuing for another year – and hopefully another 80 plus years!

"When you think it is the club's 150th Anniversary Year, and we have been partners with Worcestershire for more than half of that time, it must be pretty close to unique.

"I had a chat with a (very old!) retired partner today to check on my facts and we (Bishop Fleming and predecessor firms) have acted as accountants for WCCC since at least 1935 and probably earlier.

"I think you could say we know the club quite well – and I have myself been dealing with the club for 28 years and, as a long-time supporter, have been delighted to do so.

"It works well for us because over the years there have been a lot of goings on at the ground and we do a lot of tax work for them with the development of the Graeme Hick pavilion, the Premier Inn hotel and The View.

"Knowing the history of the ground helps to make sure we are efficient as is possible from a tax point of view.

"From our point of view it is a great place to entertain particularly in The View and part of our sponsorship package is to be able to use the facilities several times a year, for seminars, and events for clients.

"It is also ideally located for us with the offices being so close to the ground (in College Yard)."

Ian is proud to be associated in a business capacity with a club that is close to his heart.

He said: "I know David Leatherdale (chief executive) very well – and what a top administrator he is – and I was treasurer for Tim Curtis's benefit year with the pair of us having been at Durham University.

"I love the club, saw my first game in 1967-68 and, when I went to the King's School, I used to sneak through the fences to watch! The club means a lot to me and it is lovely now to be in a trusted advisor role.

"Hopefully the partnership continues for many more years and it continues to stay fresh and the club has changed enormously.

"Worcestershire is a perfect role model of what a small county can do with the right people in charge."

Worcestershire commercial director Jon Graham said: "Bishop Fleming have been a partner of ours for many years. They have seen some interesting times over the last decade and a little bit longer.

"I'd like to think going forward that the audit will become quite pleasant reading as we go beyond beyond the 150th Year into an era of profit and a sustainable business.

"The early signs from this year are that we are really on plan to have a fantastic year and it's good that Bishop Fleming have come back on board for 2015.

"They are official audit and tax partners, their expertise in that field is really well known. It's fantastic they've been with the club for so many years.

"What the club used to look like and looks like now are two completely different things altgoether and the fact they are still with us on the journey is superb. I hope it will be a calmer journey going forward.

"As ever we are really, really thankful for the support they and all of our partners give us. All of our partners are incredibly important to the club. If we didn't have them, things would be a lot more difficult.

"Ian is an avid follower of the club and Bishop Fleming support us in a lot of functions we do throughout the year, not just the sponsorship, and we look forward to having a successful year."