Thursday, June 22nd, 2017

Worcs Ccc In New Road Ice Cream Scoop!

Worcs Ccc In New Road Ice Cream Scoop!

Worcestershire CCC will be selling ice cream OUTSIDE of their New Road headquarters from next week.

The club's recently acquired ice cream pod has already been a big success on matchdays via its location at the Diglis End of the ground.

Now it will also be situated on the walkway to The View on NON match-days after a licence was obtained from Worcester City Council.

It will be selling a wide choice of ice creams and will be in the perfect location for anyone wanting to cool off on their way to or from work in the city or just taking a riverside walk.

Worcestershire CEO Tom Scott confirmed: "From June 26, the ice cream pod will be located on non matchdays on New Road.

"The pod will be open from 10am to 6pm on the walkway up to The View.

"It will be ideally located for those people who cross the river bridge each day to work in the city or in St. John's or having a relaxing walk alongside the river.

"It is an idea we are giving a go to and will give people the chance to cool off if the weather persists as it is with our wide selection of ice creams."