Friday, August 7th, 2020

Live Blog: Worcestershire vs Glamorgan

Follow live updates of our first competitive home fixture at Blackfinch New Road for nearly 11 months.

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    With just two deliveries left a virtual ‘handshake’ has taken place and the players start to walk off the field

    It ends in a draw after another strong Worcestershire performance over the past four days

  • Last over coming up

    Worcestershire require three wickets in it to win.

    Libby to bowl it, time to make yourself a hero!

  • Two overs left

    Bull survives the remaining balls of Libby’s over.

    12 balls left and its Wagg to face Pennington

  • Kieran Bull the new man in

    17 balls left, can he see it out.

    3 wickets remaining.

  • ☝️ WICKET! Cooke b Libby 74

    Three wickets left to take…17 balls remain.

    Cooke plays on to his own stumps, was like watching in slow motion.

    Big 17 balls left now for Glamorgan

  • Three overs remain

    Last three overs coming up after a slight delay as Cooke was hit on the arm by Pennington.

    Libby to continue.

  • Last four overs

    Not too much alarm as Glamorgan see off Libby’s latest over.

    Time for a sanitisation break

  • Last five overs

    Wagg and Cooke safely negotiate the Pennington over.

    Libby to continue.

  • 6 overs left

    Another over closer to clinging on to the draw for Glamorgan.

    Pennington to enter the attack.

  • 7 overs left

    Tidy over from Morris, after Cooke takes a single off the first delivery. Wagg successfully sees out the over.