Tuesday, April 18th, 2023


Worcestershire County Cricket Club & Worcestershire Cricket have hosted a unique Ramadan cricket festival over two weeks, bringing players from across the county together to play tape ball cricket at night. 

The festival, organised jointly by Worcestershire Cricket Board alongside Worcestershire County Cricket Club, was introduced to help promote unity, sportsmanship, and cultural exchange during the holy month of Ramadan.

Winning team Redditchstan Royals

Seven teams of six competed in the inaugural festival, with Redditchstan Royals emerging victorious in a tense final, defeating the thrilling Worcester Amigos. 

The matches were played indoor at the University of Worcester and were around iftar, the evening meal when Muslims break their fast. The schedule also included breaks for prayer and for players to break their fast together with a variety of food supplied by Festival sponsor Munchies, Worcester.

The festival not only provided a fun and unique way to celebrate Ramadan but also helped to build stronger bonds between the diverse communities in Worcestershire. 

Both Worcestershire County Cricket Club and Worcestershire Cricket Board are committed to continuing hosting similar events in the future, promoting diversity and unity through sports.

Speaking about the festival, Worcestershire Cricket Board Wicketz Development Officer, Callum James, said, “We wanted to create a platform for people to come together and enjoy the spirit of Ramadan through sport. 

“Cricket is a sport that unites people, and we wanted to celebrate this by organising a unique event that brings together players of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities.”

The festival saw a great turnout, with players from across the county showing up to participate. One of the participants, Waqas Ali of the winning Redditchstan Royals, shared his experience, saying, “Playing cricket during Ramadan has always been a challenge, but this festival was a great opportunity for me to stay active and involved in the game while still observing my religious duties. 

“The breaks for prayer and iftar made it even more special as we were able to share these moments with our fellow players.”

Head of Marketing at Worcestershire County Cricket Club, Joe Tromans, added, “The past couple of weeks have been a wonderful celebration of our mutual love of cricket and a testament to the power of sport in bringing communities together.

“What has struck me most is the way in which people from different backgrounds and walks of life have come together to support each other, both on and off the field.

“It is events like these that help build stronger and more inclusive communities, not just during the holy month of Ramadan, but throughout the year, and we cannot wait to bring the tournament back, bigger and even better in 2024.