Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018

Worcestershire Ccc Link Up With Usn Uk As 2018 Official Nutrition Partner

Worcestershire CCC are delighted to join force forces with USN UK who have become their Official Nutrition Partner for the 2018 campaign.

USN UK are market leaders in sports nutrition and their products will be crucial in helping the County’s players to re-energise and recover for the demands of a gruelling six month season and also from training in the winter months.

Founded in 1999, USN – which stands for Ultimate Sports Nutrition – pride themselves in offering only the best and safest sports supplementation.

Additionally, they are well-known for their expert nutritional advice.

USN UK are one of a handful of immediately recognisable sports nutrition brands and, whether used by beginners or advanced athletes such as the Worcestershire CCC squad, their products are testament to why this is.

Ben Davies, Worcestershire CCC’s Head Of Science and Medicine, and Ross Dewar, Strength and Conditioning Coach, have given their seal of approval to the USN UK products.

Davies said: “USN UK are a well respected company in the supplements industry so we are privileged really to have their supplements on board for our players.

“Key things like nutrition and recovery are key aspects of a cricketer’s season.

“With the demands of the game, bowlers needing to bowl 20 plus overs day after day, we need the right supplements to make sure they can get back out on the park and also to aid with their recovery in between as well.“

Having a supplier like USN, with their reputation and being such a well known brand, is great for the club.”

USN Sponsorship Manager Punit Pandit said: “USN are delighted to be sponsoring Worcestershire CCC for the upcoming season in Division One.

“USN are the market leaders in Sports Nutrition and we are looking forward to supporting the (Worcestershire) team with premium nutrition to aid the squad for the season ahead.

“USN wishes Worcestershire CCC all the success and to create a prosperous partnership with the club for the upcoming season.”

To find out more about USN products click here.