Monday, October 23rd, 2017

Tom Fell – My Sporting Hero

This winter the Worcestershire CCC website has introduced an occasional new feature in which players and staff reveal ‘My Sporting Hero’.

Kicking things off is batsman Tom Fell who by common consensus is the most talented golfer in the New Road dressing room.

It is therefore unsurprising that Tom’s ‘Sporting Hero’ is a golfing superstar in Tiger Wood and here he explains why.

He said: “I’ve never been a massive follower of cricket (in terms of heroes) and someone I’ve always loved was Tiger Woods.

“I remember watching him play golf at the beginning of the 2000s and that’s when I absolutely adored golf.

“It’s just a shame he is not around so much anymore and has been struggling and has gone through a lot of stuff.

“He’s someone I loved watching and still love watching old clips of him playing

“I was playing a little bit before that because my mum was always a keen golfer but he made me love golf a little bit more than I would have done.

“He has inspired me to play a lot more but then cricket took over.

“Golf is one of the hardest sports to be dominant at. You see it now and no-one has replicated what he has done and I don’t think they will for a long time.

“He just brought the standard up of everyone else and he was just so much better of everyone else and so much more exciting to watch.

“He just changed golf.”

As for his own skills with the clubs, Fell added: “My own handicap is still hovering around the five-six mark. It’s not going to come down any lower than that.

“Now Mitchell Santner (T20 Blast signing) has gone, I’ve just taken top spot in the dressing room again!

“I’m going on the PCA golf trip to La Manga later this month with Mitch (Daryl Mitchell). Coxy (Ben Cox) dropped out at the last minute so he asked me to go.”