Thursday, February 26th, 2015

Supporters’ Association Shop Flourishes At New Road

Worcestershire Supporters' Association are hoping to further increase the income raised from their shop situated at New Road during the 2015 season.

The Association nearly doubled the income raised from their outlet situated at the back of the Basil D'Oliveira stand during the 2014 campaign compared to the previous 12 months.

The Association's long-serving chairman Ken Mills said: "We continue to run a shop on the ground at the back of the Basil D'Oliveira Stand. It's quite a good position because everyone passes the shop.

"Last year we built the income from it up to £15,000 as opposed to £8,000 the previous year. We are pleased with that.

"We are very thankful that supporters support us. We hope to build it up even further this year."

Supporters' Association members and Worcestershire CCC members will be able to purchase cut-price Playfair Annuals, Who's Who and Wisdens from the shop during the early part of the season.

The Association continue to make donations to the county club and helped fund the recent trip by six senior players and three academy players to Chennai along with the D'Oliveira Foundation and two anonymous backers.

Mr Mills said: "We donated £135,000 to the club last year to pay for the new seats in front of the hotel (Premier Inn) and those stands have since been christened after Bob Brookes, our honorary treasurer for 40 years, and Pat Mills, our secretary for 40 years.

"Part of the £135,000 was also for the upgrade of the second scoreboard situated on the hotel side of the ground.

"We continue to make donations to the club each year towards the Academy and the donation has been used this year to send players to India."