Tuesday, July 25th, 2023


Worcestershire County Cricket Supporters’ Association (WSA) has been delighted to contribute to two significant projects at New Road this summer.

The Association has generously provided funds for brand new flat sheets and covers for the set of wheeled covers that safeguard the wicket. Additionally, the WSA has financed an exciting makeover for the turnstile area, complete with enhanced lighting, which warmly welcomes members and supporters as they enter through The View on match days.

This transformation showcases many legendary figures from Worcestershire’s illustrious history, as well as some promising talents from men’s and women’s cricket, significantly enhancing the welcome all spectators get as they first enter New Road.

Andrew Jenkins, Chair of Worcestershire Supporters’ Association, expressed, “We were in conversation with the Club, and they emphasised the urgent need for new flat sheets. 

“As an Association, we are always willing to lend a hand wherever we can, and we were able to fund the sheets that provide protection to the entire square from the elements. Additionally, we also covered the costs for new covers for the wheeled covers, which we had done previously. It’s a nice touch to have the WSA logo on all three covers. 

“Furthermore, an opportunity arose to enhance the turnstile entrance into The View, our main entrance into the ground. And in conjunction with staff at the Club decided on modern bright photography at the bottom of the stairs featuring the cricketing greats of Worcestershire’s past and present, along with improved lighting.

“Now, pictures of legends like Basil D’Oliveira, Norman Gifford, Glenn Turner, and the upcoming young talents greet our members and supporters. We are always delighted to support such projects, a tradition that dates back to the formation of the Association in 1951.”

Head of Commercial & Partnerships Joe Tromans added, “The Association has been a tremendous financial support to the club for many years, and we extend our heartfelt gratitude for their help with these two projects. Safeguarding the square is of utmost importance, and we have already witnessed the benefits of the flat sheets and wheeled covers during this unpredictable summer. 

“Additionally, upgrading the area inside The View that welcomes members and supporters felt essential, and with the aid of enhanced lighting, it pays tribute to the players who have illuminated the club’s history, as well as those we hope will leave their mark in the future.”

The Worcestershire Supporters’ Association was established in June 1951 to boost the club’s finances and provide better amenities for players and spectators. Over the years, the WSA has financed numerous projects, including the purchase of the ground, the construction of the Ladies Pavilion, The Chestnut Marquee, two scoreboards, and the Mills and Brookes Stands. Presently, it is estimated that the Association has contributed funds exceeding £4 million, considering current values.