Tuesday, March 21st, 2017

Supporters’ Association Finance Installation Of Blinds In View-Hick Pavilion

Supporters’ Association Finance Installation Of Blinds In View-Hick Pavilion

Worcestershire CCC have installed top notch blinds in The View and Graeme Hick Pavilion which they hope will help to attract even more commercial customers to New Road.

The £4,000 project has been funded by the Worcestershire Supporters' Association.

It incorporates blinds in Levels Two and Three plus the Sports Bar in The View in addition to the Hick Pavilion.

The blinds will block-out the daylight which can sometimes cause a problem if customers are using the video screens for presentations.

Worcestershire Supporters' Association chairman Andrew Jenkins said: "We are always keen to assist the cricket club in anyway we can financially if at all possible.

"When Tom Scott (Worcestershire Chief Executive) approached us about funding the blinds, we were delighted to help and hope they help attract more commercial customers."

Tom Scott said: "To improve our commercial offering to people wishing to make bookings at The View on Levels Two and Three, the Sports Bar and the Hick Pavilion, we've found it necessary to make a big investment in block-out blinds.

"These will help to enhance the (video) screens used by companies for their presentations.

"The Supporters' Association have kindly donated the funds for that project for which we are very grateful.

"It is with a view to attracting more commercial customers for off-site meetings, but also to attract birthdays parties, after funeral gatherings, anything people want to hire the facilities for.

"These venues are as good as any in Worcester and to enhance that experience, the fitting of the blinds is essential and once again thanks to the Supporters' Assocation for their help."