Thursday, July 4th, 2024

Supporters’ Association Fifty-Fifty draw results

Worcestershire Supporters’ Association have held the first draw of the 2024 season for their annual Fifty-Fifty competition.

Mrs Jane Mitchell of Evesham was the winner of the £500 first prize.

The draw was made by recently elected new Worcestershire CCC President and former Captain, Mr Phil Neale.

Four draws are held each summer – in June, July, August and September – and the profits will go to the Ground Improvement Fund.

The results of the first draw were:

1st  prize,  £500,  ticket number 73,  Mrs Jane Mitchell (Evesham).

2nd,  £150,  357, Mr  Andrew Davies (Powys).

3rd,  £75, 239, Mr  P Pocock  Bucks).

4th,  £50,  69, Mr B Androlia  (Worcester).

5th, £35, 186  Mr C Richardson-Bryant ( Hereford).

6th,  £50  Worcestershire CCC Voucher, 116, Mr J  Wilde (Worcester).