Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015

Successful Rapids Brand Is Expanded To Royal London One-Day Cup

Successful Rapids Brand Is Expanded To Royal London One-Day Cup

The successful Worcestershire Rapids brand has been extended to incorporate the Royal London One-Day Cup this season.

'The Rapids' has become synonymous with the success enjoyed by skipper Daryl Mitchell and his players in the NatWest T20 Blast during 2014 and this summer.

It was also further ingrained into the mindset of supporters and the watching public during a recent ITV 1 TV advert which helped to significantly increase ticket sales and received positive feedback from many quarters.

Now the Rapids will go hand in hand with the 50 over competition which will start next week with the away clash with Durham on July 27 at Emiratres ICG.

Worcestershire commercial director Jon Graham said: "I do think one-day cricket at county level is ideal for families to come and spend the day out.

"I think children buy into the Rapids brand a bit more than the perception of 'Worcestershire County Cricket Club' which is great for four-day cricket and the members and everything that is synonymous with what we are.

"I just feel with one-day cricket, you've only got to look what happened in the recent ODI series between England and New Zealand. That's not 50 over cricket, it is T20 extended!

"England keep talking about an exciting and dynamic style of cricket. That is what the Rapids are – dynamic – and I see the T20 and 50 over cricket becoming closer together so therefore why not use your brand to bring the whole thing together?

"We are doing a promotion for the first time where kids will go free if accompanied with an adult. It would work out for a family if they buy in advance two adults, two children, it will be £26 and you will get six hours of cricket.

"It is the journey of getting people to the ground, getting children to the ground who therefore by definition will bring their parents.

"If we do play an exciting brand of 50 over cricket, all of a sudden T20 might become something they want to come and see and then all of a sudden that's it, they're in and down the line they become members.

"We need to be mindful we've got to start the journey somewhere and 50 over cricket is where we start the journey."

Graham added "With T20, it is exciting and brash and everything it is, but the 5.30 on a Friday is not really conduisive to a six, seven, eight-year-old child whereas a 10.30 start in July-August, when they can get on the outfield by 1.30, that feels like it's a bit more on brand for that.

"It's the kids that say 'they are going to see the Rapids' in a one-day game, who I think become the fans of the future."