Friday, August 14th, 2015

Steve Rhodes Reaction To Quarter-Final Defeat In T20 Blast

Steve Rhodes Reaction To Quarter-Final Defeat In T20 Blast

Worcestershire Rapids Director of Cricket Steve Rhodes gives his thoughts after tonight's 17 run defeat under the Duckworth Lewis Method to Hampshire in the quarter-finals of the NatWest T20 Blast at New Road.

Question: That must be up there with the most disappointing ways to lose?

Steve Rhodes: "It was a little bit beyond our control when the umpires pulled us off. My only criticism possibly was they might actually have said it was bad light before the end of the five overs and then we come back tomorrow and play when it is good light and we try and play the majority of the game as a proper game of cricket.

"We knew the situation with light at the toss. Both teams actually were going to bowl and, regarding the light, our plan was actually to stop them getting such a big score and try and get ahead of the Duckworth-Lewis because we knew at some stage we would be pulled off for bad light.

"Sadly they got a fantastic score and James Vince was unbelievable today. He made it very difficult and because we didn't quite nail that powerplay, we were always too far behind. That's why we sent Ross Whiteley in to try and get us above it but it was a task the umpires felt wasn't fair on the fielders.

"It was the best I've seen James Vince play. I thought he middled nearly everything and when he didn't middle it, it fell just short of fielders and that was a bit frustrating but to be fair that was late on in his innings and I thought he and Michael Carberry played really well in the powerplay.Both of them timed the ball really well and made life difficult."

Question: Ross Whiteley had served notice of his intentions with two straight sixes?

Steve Rhodes: "The message was clear. We said if we lose a wicket, you are going in at four today because we need to get above that Duckworth-Lewis. It was something I did with Andre Russell a couple of years ago.

"He had the instruction to get us above the Duckworth-Lewis and he managed to carry it on and win the game for us. That was what Ross was trying to do but sadly we didn't have the opportunity. 

"One thing is it's nearly three weeks since the end of the tournament (group stages). I don't know why we've waited that long to play the quarter-final. I'm sure there will be a bit of look at what has happened tonight.

"It was always going to happen with the terrible weather of the last couple of days and be very dark. I was sat at home last night and it was pitch black at 8.30. It was strange to think this was never going to happen."

Question: Although disappointed tonight, there have been some terrific performances from the team in T20 cricket this summer?

Steve Rhodes: "Very much so. There have been some fantastic games. I thought Hampshire came today and played a lovely batting innings and who knows what would have happened if we had carried on.

"We had a guy out there (Ross Whiteley) who scored 91 off 35 balls in one of the games against Yorkshire and he could well have won the game for us. But we've had lots of highs and made good progress but sad to see it end in such a disapointing manner."

Question: This puts the focus now on the County Championship now that you cannot qualify in the 50 over competition?

Steve Rhodes: "Exactly that. I've just spoken to the lads. It's not about the two 50 over games, it's about making sure that we do what we want to do in the four-day campaign.

"That's going to be a big major task but we can't afford to get too down about this. We've got to pick ourselves up and dust ourselves down and get on with that campaign."

Question: Might you shuffle things around against Leicestershire on Monday? Steve Rhodes: "We could do. We might well rest a few and make sure we give some lads a chance who have been doing well in the secnd team possibly although I've not sat down yet with Mitch (Daryl Mitchell). We need to go through our plans for Monday-Tuesday."