Tuesday, August 18th, 2015

Steve Rhodes Reaction To One-Day Cup Clash At Derby

Steve Rhodes Reaction To One-Day Cup Clash At Derby

Worcestershire Rapids Director of Cricket Steve Rhodes gives his reaction to BBC Hereford-Worcester's Dave Bradley after the Royal London One-Day Cup defeat away to Derbyshire Falcons.

Question: You lost but I suspect you learnt a bit?

Steve Rhodes: "We played some young lads again and I thought there were some nice little performances along the way.

"Alex Hepburn has done well for his first two games and Ed Barnard did well again today. We have learned quite a lot actually.

"The disappointing thing for us was that we lost wickets in the middle period and if you do that, you don't get yourself into a position to win whether you are setting a score or chasing a score.

"That's something, if you look back at the Derbyshire innings, to get to 234, they had a very good partnership between Elstone and Thakor in the middle of the innings."

Question: Was 230-240 a decent score on that pitch?

Steve Rhodes: "It wasn't as easy as you thought because it's the second day of a pitch that's obviously worn a little bit. That's why we were desperate to win the toss and bat first.

"It wasn't a nightmare. I think it was an achievable total but we needed not to lose wickets in the middle period.

"What is interesting is we haven't won a toss in this competition and maybe that can be an important factor as well.

"I still felt we should have chased those runs down but credit to the Derbyshire bowlers and fielders. I thought they put in a very sterling effort to defend their total."

Question: Some positives to take away. Ed Barnard gets off the mark with a reverse sweep. He looks suddenly like a senior player?

Steve Rhodes: "He is a mature lad. He is only 19 but he is a very mature lad and we've got some very exciting cricketers.

"It hasn't been the best tournament at all for us this year but we've bloodied a few and given a lot more experience to some of our youngsters and they will be better for it."

Question: Two good performances by Alex Hepburn. Almost a pity you haven't got another one of these games coming up for him to play in?

Steve Rhodes: "Yes, but he's had a tremendous season. He's played really well in the second team. His career is moving forward and as far as the season goes, we are very pleased with what he has produced so far.

"That augurs well for the winter for him and if he can have a strong winter in Perth, he will come back and be challenging for places."