Monday, June 15th, 2015

Steve Rhodes Gives Verdict On Home Clash With Warwickshire

Steve Rhodes Gives Verdict On Home Clash With Warwickshire

Worcestershire Director of Cricket Steve Rhodes gives his verdict on the LV = County Championship defeat against Warwickshire at New Road today.

Question: You had a long meeting , what were you saying?

Steve Rhodes: "We were very disappointed in that defeat. We were in a position in many ways where we still could have won that game.

"This morning we got an early wicket and they were quite a few runs behind still with five wickets down.

"So we were disappointed for it to peter out the way they did. Some credit to Warwickshire, the way they went about their business, but also we were disappointed.

"Sometimes a bit of soul searching and cleansing of your soul to each other is a good thing. It was a chance for people to air their views and thoughts."

Question: Was it the way some players got out that was disappointing?

Steve Rhodes: "I was a bit disappointed with that and I think some of the players were as well. But I don't want to go into any details of what goes on in the dressing room in private."

Question: It looked a decent pitch?

Steve Rhodes: "If you look back there are two opportunities for us in this game.

"At 100-1, you should be looking at a 400 score and also we had them four down for 40 and we missed a chance and then they got away from us.

"Those were the disappointing things. Once you let people back in the game, or they fight back, it does put a little bit more pressure on you and sadly we crumbled."

Question: That has probably been the worst day of the season, you've been pretty competitive this summer?

Steve Rhodes: "Yes, I think so and before we started this game it was something I spoke to the players about.

"I was very proud of the way they fought hard in most of the games and if we carried on doing that, we'd have some wins.

"But sadly we didn't quite that same fight in this game, today certainly with the bat, getting bowled out in 30 odd overs.

"But there are still plenty of games left and people might question me on that one but we know how many games we need to win.

"That was one of the questions to the team 'did they feel we could win those games' and they certainly believed they could."

Question: You've got two tough away games coming up (Middelsex and Nottinghamshire), are you thinking of changes or what's in your thoughts?

Steve Rhodes: "Not at the moment. It's a bit raw the defeat today and there is no point in jumping into selection thoughts at the moment.

"Time to sleep on it and assess it later."

Question: There are only a couple of T20 Second Eleven games this week, so no chance for anyone to get time in the middle?

Steve Rhodes: "No, this week is a quiet week for the second team but, like I said before, we know what we want to achieve in this division and we will still set about trying to achieve that."

Question: You are not one for naughty boy nets are you?

Steve Rhodes: "No, I never agree with that sort of thing. I very much leave it up to the players.

"If they feel they need to do the work, myself, Mase, Kev, the other coaches, we are always on hand every minute of the day to do work with them.

"I know that some of them are coming in. They've already asked and I'll be in there working with them."