Thursday, July 9th, 2015

Steve Rhodes Gives Reaction To Innings Win Over Hampshire

Steve Rhodes Gives Reaction To Innings Win Over Hampshire

Worcestershire Director of Cricket Steve Rhodes gives his reaction to the impressive innings victory over Hampshire which has boosted the county's hopes of winning the battle to stay in Division One of the LV = County Championship.

Question: How do you feel after that Steve?

Steve Rhodes: "I'm delighted and very proud of the effort that the team put in. Once again they tried hard and it was nice to keep the momentum going over the four days which is brilliant really because it means we've got some really good points out of this contest.

"There are lots of individual performances throughout the four days but also one hell of a team performance."

Question: An excellent effort to bowl Hampshire out twice?

Steve Rhodes: "It was a flat pitch. If anything you had to watch out for the ball that kept low. I think they were very wary of Saeed and it's nice that his confidence is really coming back niow.

"He bowled some great balls in both innings and he did a fine job for us and his five wicket haul in the first innings was just the tonic we needed really but also this morning picking up those two wickets of the better players, that was crucial."

Question: Is he answering the people who have written him off?

Steve Rhodes: "Yes. He is desperate to try and prove to people that he can bowl in the manner that took him so many wickets before.

"The way that he bowls at the moment, is tremendous. His arm is very straight and we are very comfortable where he is at regarding his action.

"Now his confidence is growing, hopefully that's really good signs for the remainder of the season."

Question: It will help having drier pitches towards the end of the season?

Steve Rhodes: "I looked at some of the video footage of games being played and there seemed to be a lot of green wickets around as well at the moment.

"Maybe a few of the lawnmowers are not in use at the moment!"

Question: All set up by a superb 200 from Daryl Mitchell?

Steve Rhodes: "Batting 140 overs, crikey, some people don't bat that long in a month. It's a tremendous effort from him.

"What it does, it means the pitch can deteriorate a little bit because we've batted for so long and also the opposition bat a little bit tired because they've been in the field for so long.

"You get your reward for keeping them out there and it is something that Daryl did. It was a magnficent effort.

"He has had every minute of the match out of the pitch and most opening bats will tell you that's want they want to do."

Question: Another five wickets for Jack Shantry?

Steve Rhodes: "He is a guy who in his words is to prove to people that he can play cricket. He thinks people don't rate him.

"That sort of inspires him into performances which is fantastic for us because he doesn't need a lot of motivation at all.

"You put him on the field and he is out there to try and prove people wrong. He is doing that again this year with the wickets he is taking.

"He got them last year in Division Two and he is getting them now in Division One so we are very grateful for the effort he puts in."

Question: A big win in the context of the season?

Steve Rhodes: "I try not to look at the table. I know eventually we are going to have to look at the table but our targets we set ourselves are so many wins and that's everytime we take the game in a four-day game, that's what we try and achieve.

"We've gone close on many occasions and missed out. We've had two wins now and we are looking for some more."

Question: You've had a great response to the defeat at Trent Bridge last week?

Steve Rhodes: "It's testament to the character of the players. I keep saying it but all they've done this year is try and things haven't always gone well.

"But once again they've turned up this game as well as the T20 victories since Nottingham and they've tried and as a coach that's all you can ask for from your players really.

"We know sometimes it is not going to work out but if they keep putting the effort in that's something to be proud of."

Question: Great effort by Saeed to remodel action at age of 37?

Steve Rhodes: "He has worked very hard. Thankfully now he is getting a bit of a reward for it. He is in good nick as well. He has worked hard physically. He is in as good a nick as I've seen him for a long time.

"He is proud of that as well and he is looking strong bowling with a new action."

Question: Is he here for the rest of the season?

Steve Rhodes: "He will be here for a period of time. We just need to speak to the agent about whether he can do the whole season or not."