Monday, May 4th, 2015

Spin Wizard Ajmal Optimistic He Will Be Back To His Best

Spin Wizard Ajmal Optimistic He Will Be Back To His Best

Saeed Ajmal admits he needs to regain his confidence but the Pakistan spinner is optimistic he will be "the same Ajmal as I was"

Ajmal, who took 63 wickets in nine LV = County Championship appearances for Worcestershire last season, has struggled to recapture his form during the current tour of Bangladesh.

It is his first action since his remodelled bowling action was cleared by the ICC earlier in the year.

Ajmal told ESPN cricinfo: "For me it's been a tough last eight months and I knew it will be tough moving forward also.

"I'd said prior to coming here that I need time and I am disappointed that I am not able to fulfill the expectations of the nation.

"But I spoke to the captain and the coach and they have a plan for me. I need time to regain my confidence. It doesn't come in overnight.

"I don't want to play cricket on the basis of reputation.

"I want to play with my head held high and with the same confidence level I had in past. Things are not going well presently, but you will see in coming days that I have improved.

"It's true that you can go from bad to good and it's also true that you can go from good to bad.

"I don't think I have changed my action significantly, only minor tweaks.

"I know my doosra is not being effective which is reflecting in my performance. But I am doing my best to get myself back on track as soon as possible.

"I am bowling with different angles from top and from side and things are improving and I am optimistic that I will be same Ajmal as I was."