Monday, April 29th, 2024

Spectator Guide: Central Sparks vs Sunrisers

We are looking forward to welcoming spectators to Kidderminster CC’s Chester Road North Ground from 9.30am on Wednesday for the Rachael Heyhoe Flint Trophy fixture between Central Sparks and Sunrises.

We have included a lot of information in this spectator guide to help make everyone’s visit to Kidderminster as enjoyable as possible. This spectator guide includes:

Match Tickets

Entry to Kidderminster is free

Scheduled Hours of Play

9.30am Gates Open
10:00am Coin Toss (Day One)
10:30am First Innings
1:40pm Lunch Interval
2:10pm Second Innings
5:20pm Scheduled Close

Where to find us

Kidderminster CC is situated near the centre of Kidderminster, and the full address is: Chester Rd North, Kidderminster DY10 1TH

Travel Information


From Worcester City Centre to Kidderminster Cricket Club:

  1. Start on City Walls Road: Begin your journey from the city center, heading towards the A44 / City Walls Road.
  2. Merge onto the A4440: Follow City Walls Road, looking for signs for the A4440. Merge onto the A4440 via the ramp to Ring Road.
  3. Continue on the A4440: Stay on the A4440 for approximately 6 miles. This bypass road will take you around the south side of Worcester.
  4. Take the A449 Exit: Look for the exit towards Kidderminster (A449) and take it, merging onto the A449 northbound towards Kidderminster.
  5. Follow the A449 to Kidderminster: Continue straight on the A449 for about 12 miles. This road will take you directly into Kidderminster.
  6. Enter Kidderminster: As you approach Kidderminster, the A449 becomes Worcester Road. Continue on Worcester Road as it leads into the town.
  7. Navigate to the Cricket Club: Upon entering Kidderminster, follow signs towards the town center or local signs that might direct you to the cricket club. The exact route within Kidderminster may vary based on local traffic conditions and road works.
  8. Arrival at Kidderminster Cricket Club: The cricket club should be well signposted as you get closer. Look for parking either on-site or in nearby areas.

From M5 Junction 4 to Kidderminster Cricket Club:

  1. Exit M5 at Junction 4: Leave the M5 at junction 4, taking the exit towards Bromsgrove.
  2. Take the A38 towards Bromsgrove: After exiting, follow signs for the A38 towards Bromsgrove for a brief distance.
  3. Merge onto the A448: At the first major roundabout after leaving the motorway, take the exit onto the A448, heading towards Kidderminster. You’ll be on this road for approximately 12 miles.
  4. Continue on the A448 into Kidderminster: The A448 will lead you directly into Kidderminster, becoming Bromsgrove Road as you approach the town and then Comberton Hill as you enter Kidderminster.
  5. Head towards the town center: As you continue into Kidderminster, the road will bring you towards the town center. Keep an eye out for signs directing you to Kidderminster Cricket Club as you get closer.
  6. Navigate local streets to the Cricket Club: Depending on the exact location of the cricket club within Kidderminster, you may need to turn off Comberton Hill onto local streets. Look for and follow local signage to reach the cricket club.
  7. Arrival at Kidderminster Cricket Club: The cricket club should be clearly signposted as you approach. Check for any parking instructions or restrictions as you arrive.

These directions provide a straightforward route from the M5 to Kidderminster Cricket Club. Given the dynamics of road traffic and potential construction, always consider checking a real-time navigation app for any updates on the best route or any travel advisories on the day of your journey.

Car Parking

A limited amount of car parking is available at Kidderminster Cricket Club on a first come, first served basis prices at £3 per day.

There are also a number of car parks within short walking distance of the ground.

Traveling from Worcester to Kidderminster Cricket Club by Train:

Traveling from Worcester to Kidderminster by train is quite straightforward and offers a convenient way to reach the cricket club, especially for those looking to avoid driving or parking hassles.

  1. Depart from Worcester:
    • Worcester has two main railway stations: Worcester Foregate Street and Worcester Shrub Hill. Trains to Kidderminster are available from both stations, but it’s always a good idea to check the schedule as services may vary throughout the day.
    • The journey from Worcester to Kidderminster typically takes around 20-30 minutes, depending on the service.
  2. Walking to Kidderminster Cricket Club:
    • From the train station, the cricket club can often be reached on foot in about 15-20 minutes.
    • If walking is not preferable, local taxis are readily available at the station for a quick ride to the cricket club.
    • Check if there’s a local bus route that serves the area near the cricket club. This could be a convenient option if you’re not up for the walk or if the weather is not favorable.

Traveling to Kidderminster Cricket Club by bus, especially from nearby locations like Worcester, involves navigating the regional bus network. Buses can offer a direct and affordable option, depending on your starting point. Here’s a general guide for reaching the cricket club from Worcester by bus and what to do upon arrival in Kidderminster:

Traveling from Worcester to Kidderminster Cricket Club by Bus:

  • Buses to Kidderminster typically depart from Worcester Bus Station or from various stops in the city centre. The specific service number to look for may vary, but routes connecting Worcester and Kidderminster are regular.
  • Before traveling, check the latest timetable and route details with the bus operator or on local transport websites to ensure you have the most current information.

Food & Drink

A range of hot and cold drinks and baguettes and snacks are available from the Kidderminster CC clubhouse.

Toilet Facilities

Ample male, female, inclusive and accessible toilet facilities are located and well-signposted in various locations around the ground.

Smoking Policy 

Smoking and vaping are only allowed in open areas away from other spectators.

Smoking is also prohibited in any building or under any permanent structure. 

Ground Map

Weather Forecast

The weather forecast for this fixture can be found here, and we advise that you come prepared for all weather conditions.


A number of plastic seats have been provided around the ground, but should spectators wish to bring their own foldable seating they are more than welcome to do so.

Accessibility Information

To ensure that spectators with accessibility needs are catered for, the Club has five fully trained Disability Inclusion Officers working during all fixtures. In addition, the Club has a number of safeguarding officers present whose role is to ensure the welfare of all spectators and help everyone enjoy their experience at New Road to the maximum.

Sensory Kits

Sensory packs for supporters with additional needs will be available at Kidderminster CC. The packs have been designed to improve the matchday experience for supporters at the game, with the Club committing to becoming a more friendly environment for supporters with additional needs.

The pack, which comes complete with the following items, have been designed to make the matchday experience more accessible, comfortable and enjoyable for all supporters.

  • Drawstring bag
  • Fidget popper
  • Noise-cancelling headphones (optional)
  • Fidget spinner
  • Coloured Pencils
  • Colouring book

The sensory packs can be collected from the Club Shop by the main entrance are available on a first-come, first-served basis, and are to be returned to the Club Shop following the conclusion of the fixture. 

Inclusion and Diversity ECB One Game Statement of Intent

Worcestershire County Cricket Club & the ECB is fully committed to the principles of Inclusion and Diversity and aims to ensure that no individuals (this includes players, spectators, coaches, officials and administrators) receive less favourable treatment on the grounds of their age, sex, disability, race, ethnic origin, gender reassignment, parental or marital status, pregnancy, religion or belief, class or socio-economic status, sexual orientation or political belief. 

Worcestershire & the ECB will ensure that there will be a safe and welcoming environment for all those who wish to be involved in cricket and that they are treated fairly and with respect. 

Worcestershire & the ECB specifically supports initiatives by other organisations within cricket which recognise the principles of inclusion and diversity, such as those from the International Cricket Council.