Friday, April 26th, 2019


The Worcestershire Cricket Society is continuing to flourish and now boasts the THIRD highest membership in the entire country.

The Society has expanded significantly in recent years – including attracting 83 new members in the past 12 months – and now has 206 members.

Only Wombwell (300) and Sussex (275) currently have more members.

Secretary Mike Hitchings said: “It is fantastically encouraging to have such a large membership when you consider the size of the county geographically compared to others.

“It is also heartening to have support from key people at the club like Matt Rawnsley (CEO) and Fanos Hira (Chairman) and the players-coaches who come and speak at one of our cricket evenings every year.

“But we are always aware of the need to keep attracting new members and having regular membership drives.”

An encouraging aspect of the membership is that it now includes 48 women members which incorporates 23 per cent of the membership.

They include committee member Tricia Dyson, Cynthia Crawford MBE, the president of the Worcestershire Supporters’ Association, honorary life member and former treasurer Ann Turvey, honorary life member and former Society secretary Ann Mullen and long-serving Worcestershire CCC Board member Meriel Harris