Friday, January 30th, 2015

Skipper Mitchell Reflects On Bizarre Mode Of Dismissal

Skipper Mitchell Reflects On Bizarre Mode Of Dismissal

Worcestershire skipper Daryl Mitchell has reflected on his spell skippering an MCC side to Japan – and how he was the victim of a bizarre mode of dismissal.

Mitchell led a party of mainly club cricketers – and his former New Road team-mate Ben Scott – with the aim of helping to develop the game in Japan.

The two week trip was a success even if there were some unusual moments along the way.

Mitchell said: "It was good fun. It was a different culture and a bit of a life experience. The cricket wasn't particularly strong but it was good fun, a good set of lads on the MCC side.

"Hopefully we made a bit of a difference trying to develop the game in Japan.

"We spent a lot of time in schools as well as playing against some regional sides and their national side.

"It was a really worthwhile trip and I enjoyed it."

Mitchell found himself having to demonstrate the skills of the game literally within minutes of landing in Japan.

He said: "We had a TV crew at the airport and in the arrivals lounge, Ben Scott had a bit of a bowl and I had a bit of a bat in front of the Japanese TV crews which was interesting."

Then the 31-year-old found himself paying the price for hitting the ball "out of bounds" during one match on the tour.

Mitchell explained: "We were playing on a baseball ground with a rolled out mat in the middle of it and all around was a main road on one side and a built up area on the other side.

"They've obviously had issues in the past so there were these big high nets up so the ball doesn't go into people's back yards and windows.

"The local rule is if you hit the ball over the net you are out.

"I did know that beforehand but I batted through and got to the death overs and was having a bit of a slap and I was hoping the ball would come down and hit the net.

"But unfortunately I got a bit too much on it and it went over the net, over the road and that was deemed out, ball out of bounds, and the umpire put the finger up.

"I might have to write back to the MCC and see if I can get a definitive answer on that mode of dismissal!"

Mitchell believes the trip was a worthwhile exercise.

He said: "We played the national team three or four games and helped them to prepare a bit.

"We also spent three days going into schools and coaching.

"They hadn't played a lot of cricket but had played a lot of baseball so I ended up doing a lot of pull shots with my group.

"It was good fun and hopefully cricket can go from strength to strength."