Tuesday, March 13th, 2018

Sharp Says Coaches Have Flexibility To Swap Roles

head coach kevin sharp says there is a flexibility about the new-look worcestershire ccc coaching set-up which means they all can swap roles when the occasion demands during the season.

sharp has been joined at New Road by head bowling coach alan richardson and now second eleven coach alex gidman.

but the trio – currently in abu dhabi with the pre-season camp – will have the capacity to exchange one post for the other if it is deemed to be beneficial.

richardson, for example, may want to spend some time looking at the crop of the county’s up and coming young bowlers in action who are currently outside of the first team squad.

sharp said: “the one thing i wanted as head coach was to make sure we had people within the (coaching) team who could be at first team cricket, second team cricket, academy cricket, youth cricket and be at home in any of those environments.

“as head coach, i want this team to be flexible. alan and i will start with the first team and alex’s role is primarily second team coach.

“however, with room for flexibility, it might well be i say ‘alex, you go with alan with the first team’ and i will go to kidderminster next week and do your job for a week.

“i’d like us to be quite fluid and it’s the same with alan.

“we’ve got some very talented yung seam bowlers who will be playing second eleven cricket and alan needs to see those guys.

“we will have a team with fluidity. as head coach, that doesn’t mean i have to be at first team cricket every game.

“yes, of course, the first team is the priority. we know that. but the second team, the academy, is the guys who are pushing through to challenge for places.”

sharp wants all the players to feel they can tap into the knowledge and assistance of the coaches.

he said: “the danger sometimes when the season starts, and the teams are picked, if you are not in the first eleven it is easy to be a bit isolated from it.

“but from our coaching group, i would want the players to have access to all of us right the way through the club and not to feel neglected in any way if they are not in the first eleven.

“that is very important to me.

“i will do my batting coaching. with alex coming in as well, we’ve got the added bonus of his experiences as a batting coach which is fantastic.

“my role will be a little bit more generic now so alex’s experiences as a batting coach, he will get plenty of batting coaching and fielding as well.

“elliot (wilson) and alex will have some sharing of the fielding duties.”

paceman steve magoffin is also taking his first steps into coaching and will be able to assist if and when he is called upon.

sharp said: “from the bowling perspective, we’ve got some nice bases covered because steve magoffin is also very keen on his coaching.

“he has started to work with alan and the academy in the winter.

“when perhaps in the middle of the season, when we have got the white ball stuff going on, steve will be able to support the bowlers with alan and perhaps do some coaching and also help out on match days – first team, second eleven, academy – and it’s what he wants to do.

“we can help his development as a coach as well as him playing cricket at the important times.”