Thursday, May 17th, 2018

Sharp Keen To Utilise Richo And Gidman Skills In One-Day Cup Preparations

Head Coach Kevin Sharp has every confidence in Alan Richardson and Alex Gidman to do “an excellent job” when they oversee first team preparations during the opening phase of Worcestershire’s Royal London One-Day Cup campaign.

Sharp indicated when he was appointed that he wanted a flexible coaching staff capable of working with all of the County’s teams and will put that into practice during the next few days.

He will watch the Seconds in action against Durham at West Hartlepool today (Thursday) while Head Bowling Coach Richardson and Second Eleven Coach Gidman prepare the Rapids for Saturday’s opening home One-Day Cup game with Derbyshire Falcons.

Sharp will be back for the Falcons game and then next week Richardson and Gidman will be at the helm for the away One-Day Cup games with Yorkshire and Durham with Sharp in charge of the Seconds against Lancashire in a Championship match at Barnt Green.

Sharp said: “I want both Alan and Alex to be around first team cricket for the white ball stuff because they have recently played it.

“They are very good tactically and astute. Alex has captained a very good Gloucestershire side in white ball cricket and they are smart lads.

“I would want to utilise their skills throughout these competitions because they are highly respected by the boys and have got a lot to offer so we are going to use it.

“I’m going to Durham with the Seconds and they will prepare for the game here on Saturday. Then next week Alan and Alex will go to Yorkshire and Durham and I will stay back here and I’m going to go to the Second Eleven game at Barnt Green, a three-day game.

“I want to keep the different experiences going for the coaches. That keeps you fresh and it is good for the lads because they get to see all the coaches.

“You get different experiences and I’m looking forward over the next couple of weeks to spending three or four days with the Second Eleven.”

Sharp added: “I was always very conscious of the fact when taking this job on board and my title is ‘Head Coach’ and it is overseeing all of the teams.

“Obviously the pinnacle is the first eleven but I’m very confident with the other coaches and they’ve been brilliant in running the first team.

“That allows me to get around a little bit and look at the Seconds and even the Academy and Under-17s which will allow me to keep in touch with those guys as well and the coaches.”