Friday, February 12th, 2016

Shantry Pays Tribute To “awesome Work” Of Dewar And Davies In Staying Fit

Shantry Pays Tribute To “awesome Work” Of Dewar And Davies In Staying Fit

Jack Shantry has paid tribute to the "awesome work" of Ross Dewar and Ben Davies in helping him steer clear of injuries since switching full-time to becoming a paceman with Worcestershire.

Shantry, a former opening batsman in his younger days who has developed into a key member of the County's pace attack, has stayed fit for the past seven seasons since entering the professional game.

He puts that down to a combination of reasons – such as not having the same number of miles on his bowling clock as some players of his age and not tinkering with his action with its unorthodox nature.

But he recognises the work of Strengthening and Conditioning coach Dewar and First Team Physiotherapist Davies as key components in his fitness record.

Shantry said: "I'm loathe to say it, because I don't want it to be a jinx, but I haven't missed a game through injury since I've been a bowler and to do that over seven seasons here is a rare achievement.

"There can't be many bowlers in the country who would be able to say that. "I think it's a combination of factors but I do think we've got a fantastic backroom team, Ben Davies and Ross Dewar.

"They are both fantastic with me. They do awesome work and are superb in their fields.

"We haven't got a 'one size fits all' approach so if there are some things I can't do because my body is too tired or because I bowl a bit differently with my action, then that is fine.

"We tailor things around me and I won't do too many heavy weights during the season.

"I make sure in my down time, I sleep a lot, I recover well, I don't go out drinking, all the normal professional things any bowler would do.

"Just keeping to those normal, simple things, a good diet, all contribute, also the fact I don't bowl 90mph so I'm not putting the same stresses through my body.

"It is still difficult, hard work obviously, but maybe I haven't got the same explosive physicality on my body of a Tynan Mills, a Simon Jones, players over the years who have struggled with injury."

Shantry added: "Does my action put a lot of strain on my body? I think I've got a lucky body as well. I didn't come into the professional game until I was 21.

"A lot of people now have been in the Academy since the age of 13-14 and clock up 50-60 overs a week from that age when your body is still developing. I played football until I was 19-21.

"Another important factor is I didn't change my action at all. You'd do well to find a bowler who hasn't changed some important aspect of their action whether it be their front arm, their run-up, their body position at the crease.

"All that kind of stuff has come naturally to me. All I've done is tinker round with very small things so my body has been used to my action for several years and dosen't put a lot of stress of my body so I've been very lucky in that respect."