Wednesday, November 15th, 2023


Worcestershire Members and Supporters are being given the opportunity to get together and enjoy a hot drink at New Road during the winter months and beyond.

The Severn Suite lounge area, situated behind the reception area in The View, has been given a makeover and will now be open all year round.

Members can congregate and enjoy panoramic views across the ground and the iconic Cathedral whilst drinking tea or coffee on weekdays – and non-match-days – between 8am and 4pm.

Drinks can be purchased at reception and will then be unlimited from a top-of-the-range coffee machine in the Severn Suite.

There is also a small retail outlet of Worcestershire products, including shirts and tops, that supporters can browse through and purchase from reception.

Joe Tromans, Head of Worcestershire Commercial and Partnerships, said: “It is really important that we can connect with members all year round.

“They have the opportunity to come here, enjoy being with fellow supporters all year round, and when there isn’t necessarily cricket on.

“They will be able to purchase drinks, with members getting a discount. 

“There is a top-of-the-range coffee machine, and tea will also be available. The Severn Suite has had a bit of a makeover, and it will now be available for everyone to come in when we are open between 8am and 4pm on weekdays all year round on non-match days.

“They can enjoy the view of the ground, and there is also a small retail offering as well.”

Mary Robbins, Membership and Ticketing Executive and the familiar face in reception, said: “It is a brilliant opportunity for everyone to be able to come in when there is no cricket on.

“It is a long winter, and they will have the opportunity to interact in a really nice atmosphere, nice and cosy and out of the cold.

“With the small retail offering, they can purchase items from reception.”