Saturday, February 21st, 2015

Second Wedding Showcase Being Staged At New Road Tomorrow

Second Wedding Showcase Being Staged At New Road Tomorrow

If you proposed – or were proposed to – and agreed to tie the knot on Valentine's Day then New Road tomorrow (Sunday) is the venue for you via Worcestershire CCC's second Wedding Showcase of 2015.

The first Showcase last month was a massive success and there have already been several bookings made for the big day and happy occasion in The View and the Graeme Hick Pavilion this summer.

But there are still dates free this year and the county have linked up with a dozen business partners to offer the opportunity for couples to have the stress taken out of their big day and have the chance to take advantage of exclusive deals.

And commercial director Jon Graham admits offering free room hire for weddings with 50 or more guests – a saving of up to £2,000 – has "really struck a chord" with couples.

There will again be live cooking demonstrations to highlight the superb quality of food that will be on offer should you decide to hold your wedding with us.

But here's where we are different to other venues because our hand-picked and first class business partners can look after your every needs should you so desire.

Everything from car hire to wedding dresses to make-up to men's grooming to jewellery can be catered for to take the stress out of your day to remember should you so desire.

We can look after every detail of the happy occasion at New Road from cup cakes to cars and through to the actual wedding ceremony and the reception.

It is the icing on the (wedding) cake to what we guarantee will be a day to remember with our superb facilities – greatly enhanced since the opening of The View 12 months ago – and ability to be able to take care of every facet of your wedding.

Worcestershire commercial director Jon Graham said: "The first Showcase was a real success story. We've had nothing but positive feedback and bookings as a result.

"We looked to do it a little bit differently to the usual Wedding Fayre.

"We've also added a couple more exhibitors-partners to the one we've done for tomorrow.

"We are getting some really positive noises as far as this place as a venue is concerned.

"If you look at why we did it last month, it was very much off the back of people proposing at Christmas.

"Tomorrow we will probably have quite a few people who popped the question on Valentine's Day.

"People have got freshly engaged and tomorrow is about putting ourselves out there as a venue to show what we can offer.

"As we demonstrated in the last Showcase, it is a one-stop shop. We've got all the business partners that people will require on their special day.

"It just gives people the opportunity to cut through the stress of 'okay I've found a venue, now I need to find a wedding dress' and all the other bits and pieces by having the business partners who can take care of everything on the day."

Graham added: "One floor of the View will be dressed as if it is for a winter wedding and another floor for a summer wedding and it ill look fantastic.

"There will again be food and cooking demonstrations by our staff so people can see what they are getting if they decide to hold their wedding here. That was really well received.

"It is about shouting as loud as we can and telling people what we can do and that we are not just a cricket club.

"There will be lots of giveaways, free food tastings, manicures, you name it, so it's worth popping down to see what this place looks like when it is not a cricket club."

The good news for anyone wanting to get married this summer is that dates are still available at New Road.

Graham said: "There are plenty of free weekends at New Road in 2015.

"For people who proposed at the weekend, the misconception will be 'if I want a summer wedding I'll have to wait until 2016.'

"We've still got dates available including some right in the middle of the summer."

*Tomorrow's Wedding Showcase will be held in The View from 11am until 3pm. We look forward to seeing you there!