Wednesday, December 9th, 2015

Schools Cricket Is Booming In Worcestershire

Schools Cricket Is Booming In Worcestershire

Cricket is flourishing at school and club level in Worcestershire with record numbers participating in the sport.

Worcestershire Cricket Board cricket development director Tom Hill says the figures make a myth of the claims that “schools cricket is dying" and it is certainly not the case in the County.

But the picture is also encouraging amongst clubs in terms of the increase in the number of games recorded as being played via the ECB 'Get The Game On' campaign.

Hill said: "Our schools programme has once again been successful with 74 new school teams entering competitions in 2015.

"This means in excess of 7,500 school children have had an opportunity to take part in cricket across the past 12 months in Worcestershire.

"A total of 364 school teams entered competitions last year, which is more than ever before, and more schools are embedding cricket as part of their summer sport of choice.

"In total over 21,000 school children have been introduced to cricket over the past three years in the county which proves testament to our hardworking coaches who act as real role models within our local schools. Inspiring the next generation

"Some people are saying that schools cricket is dying. Well actually it is not as these figures demonstrate."

The scene is equally promising at league level in Worcestershire with the aid of the 'Get The Game On' campaign.

Hill said: "Through the ECB 'Get The Game On' project, we have worked closely with our leagues to encourage pro-active choices surrounding getting more games of cricket played.

"In 2015, more games were recorded on playcricket than ever before, 3,248, which was an increase of 578 games from 2014.

"This was further supported by the England and Wales Cricket Trust Small Grants Scheme, supported by Waitrose, which saw 21 clubs benefit from £64,155 worth of grants.

"This was towards wicket protection and improving social spaces, all of which contributed to making clubs more viable encouraging more games to be played. The scheme is open again this season with £45,000 available to support clubs."