Monday, November 23rd, 2015

Rhodes Says Keeper Cox Is “amazingly Consistent” At Age Of 23

Rhodes Says Keeper Cox Is “amazingly Consistent” At Age Of 23

Director of Cricket Steve Rhodes has praised the "amazingly consistent" performances of Worcestershire keeper Ben Cox behind the stumps at the age of only 23 last summer.

Rhodes admits most keepers are approaching 30 before they demonstrate the level of consistent performance Cox produced during 2015.

He had an 89 per cent success rate in terms of holding onto chances and in addition was the County's second highest scorer in the LV = County Championship with more than 700 runs.

Former England keeper Rhodes said: "Ben played really well last summer. His wicket-keeping was amazingly consistent for someone who is 23.

"Generally as a wicket-keeper you get to 30 or just under and just suddenly there is the 'light bulb' moment and things tend to stick with you and suddenly you become more consistent.

"But he is managing to do that, or he did last season, at the age of 23 – and he kept so well all season long.

"That is very young but having said that he started young in that game down at Taunton (aged 17 in 2009).

"He has been in and out of the team but for a young guy he is relatively experienced now and that is a good sign for us going forward.

"His batting was good last year in all formats. He played some very important innings but the main part of what he did last year was consistency with the gloves.

"When bowlers are working their proverbials off to take wickets and find the edge of the bat, you can be content in the knowledge that there is a guy behind the wickets who will take the chances."

Rhodes added: "Did Cox benefit from keeping to Saaed Ajmal? All the bowlers – but Saeed's style of bowling, you can't fall asleep which is good.

"If you keep well to him, then he can make you shine.

"But similarly if you are not quite switched on, and you are not keeping well, he can make a fool of you.

"Thankfully for Ben, because he kept well, he made him shine."