Tuesday, March 28th, 2017

Rhodes Says Abu Dhabi Training Camp “served Its Purpose”

Rhodes Says Abu Dhabi Training Camp “served Its Purpose”

Steve Rhodes says Worcestershire's 11 day training camp in Abu Dhabi "really served its purpose" in preparing for the forthcoming campaign.

The County squad were put through their paces with an intensive programme of skill work in a shift of emphasis after previous trips had been more match orientated.

They were able to practice routines that will stand them in good stead for the challenges ahead for a gruelling six month season.

Director Of Cricket Rhodes said: "It really served its purpose. You just can't get on fields at this time of year in England.

"Understandably groundsmen want to protect the outfields and squares at this time of year because it's a long season and they can only do so much with the grounds and a lot of grounds are wet at the moment.

"For us to be able to get outside and run some middle practices where we worked on specific skills that we possibly don't get a lot of time to do in the summer was a really good experience.

"It worked well. It is the first time we have done it that way. "Normally we have a pre-season tour where its about playing matches but this time around it was to develop a lot of the skills we feel at some stage might be necessary during the season.

"We've done that now and it's in the bag and hopefully we will all be better off for the experience."