Friday, March 20th, 2015

Rhodes Organises Presentation On Club’s History For Current Squad

Rhodes Organises Presentation On Club’s History For Current Squad

Steve Rhodes is keen for the current crop of young Worcestershire players to be aware of and embrace the club's proud history.

Director of Cricket Rhodes has organised for the Worcestershire Heritage Group chairman – and Worcestershire Board member – Tim Jones to give a presentation about the club's 150 years as part of the pre-season build-up to the 2015 campaign.

Rhodes, who himself has been a player and Director of Cricket at the county for a combined 30 years, is expecting a positive reaction from the squad as he looks to carve out the next chapter at New Road.

He said: "Tim Jones, who is part of the Heritage Group, is going to do a presentation this pre-season to the lads.

"I do think it is really important we all know what has happened at the club, what we are all about, and to make sure we keep the club in a good spot for the other ones that are going to come behind us.

"I listened into his presentation and there is a lot of stuff I didn't know in there, and a lot of stuff I did know in there, and it was a great presentation, and makes you feel proud.

"I try and encourage people to look (at the history) because for a small club, and it is a small club even though we've reached 150 years, we've won the Championship a few more times than some of the other so called bigger clubs and it is something to be proud of.

"All those years ago when they sat around the table organising the start of Worcs CCC, hopefully they will see that we've punched above our weight at times and hopefully going forward we can carry on doing so.

"It is part of our pre-season, a presentation to the team, and I'm looking forward to seeing it again and what sort of reaction we get from the players.

"We've got a great bunch of lads and I'm sure they will react very positively."

Rhodes was full of pride when attending the unveiling of the civic plaque at the Whitehouse Hotel – formerly the Star Hotel – to mark the club's 150th anniversary earlier this month.

He said: "It was a really memorable occasion for the club. For any organisation, 150 years is a long time and when the speeches were being made in the room where they had the meeting where the club was formed, it took you back.

"One and a half centuries, is a hell of a long time, and everyone in that room would have had a little think 'crikey, in this very room, the club was formed.'

"I'm a very proud person who is proudly involved in Worcestershire CCC and it's our job to make sure this club lasts another 150 years or certainly the next 10 years and beyond."