Saturday, April 9th, 2016

Rhodes: New Toss Rule May Give “too Much Of Advantage” To Away Teams Early Season

Rhodes: New Toss Rule May Give “too Much Of Advantage” To Away Teams Early Season

Worcestershire Director Of Cricket Steve Rhodes says the new 'toss' rule may prove "too much of an advantage" for the away team during the early part of the season.

The new Specsavers County Championship campaign gets underway tomorrow with the away captain automatically having the option to bowl first without any toss taking place.

Rhodes understands the thinking behind the move – to produce better wickets – but suggests that introducing it in May rather than the bowler-friendly conditions of April might be more appropriate.

He said: "When they muted the idea around that the away team would be given the right to bowl first, I think a lot of people felt it was a really good idea because the end result is that we want better wickets and, if that means that people prepare better wickets, then it is a winner.

"The only slight downside, and I didn't pick up on it myself until I put some thought into it, is maybe that first month in April can be too much of an advantage to the away team.

"I'll give you an example. A side that doesn't play at home much in the first month of the season might be at an advantage.

"The sides that do play at home might be at a disadvantage.

"We don't know but we do know that early season wickets nip around because of the freshness and little bit of dampness associated with that time of year.

"If it is a success regarding we get better wickets, than we either keep it the same or actually suggest a rule that it happens from May onwards instead."