Sunday, June 15th, 2014

Rhodes Hopes Middle Order Players “stamp Their Case” To Plug Moeen Gap

Rhodes Hopes Middle Order Players “stamp Their Case” To Plug Moeen Gap

Steve Rhodes will only consider bringing in another loan signing to fill the gap left by Worcestershire all-rounder Moeen Ali while on international duty if they are of the same "top quality" as Alex Hales.

Director of Cricket Rhodes is instead hoping the likes of Tom Fell, Tom Kohler-Cadmore and Ross Whiteley in the middle order can "stamp their case" to become regular members of the side.

Rhodes seized the opportunity to bring in Hales from Nottinghamshire when he lost his place in the four-day side at Trent Bridge and he scored 15 and 63 against Glamorgan before being recalled.

When asked if there will be any loan signings, Rhodes said: "At this stage, for us to bring a loan player in….what happened with Alex Hales was that he is an international cricketer and they don't come up readily on a loan list.

"If one does, then we will look at it but at the moment, presently, unless they are a top quality loan signing, then I can't see the point because I'm very much a fan of giving oportunities to our own.

"We hope the likes of Tom Kohler-Cadmore, Tom Fell and Ross Whiteley and those middle order players like that really take opportunities and stamp their case for playing the whole season.

"We don't want to go outside at all and the loan system to me, it comes into play when you've got injuries or there is an outstanding loan opportunity – and that's what I felt with Hales.

"But unless it comes along again, we won't do it."