Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

Record Numbers For Xmas Party Nights – And Many Re-Bookings For 2016

Record Numbers For Xmas Party Nights – And Many Re-Bookings For 2016

Worcestershire CCC's 2015 Christmas Party Nights attracted record numbers – and already there have been significant re-bookings for the 2016 festive season at New Road.

More than 2,000 people attended the party nights last month staged in The View and the Graeme Hick Pavilion.

It led to the 1865 Lounge being opened as a third venue on some evenings to cater for the phenomenal demand.

The County provide the perfect mix of party nights, whether it be that exclusive night out for local businesses in The View or the mixed party nights in the Hick Pavilion.

And they are confident the many more of the dates for next December will be filled by the end of February once 2015 party-goers have been contacted to see if they want to re-book.

Worcestershire CCC Commercial Director Jon Graham said: "We've had record numbers for our Christmas Party Nights. In December alone there were over 2,000 people – and we've already sold a lot for 2016.

"Having new facilities, it takes time to produce the right formula when you live and breathe the enviroment. It is trying to make a proposition fit that shows it off in its best light.

"The whole proposition works. In The View it is really exclusive, perfect for business that want a Christmas party and have their own space, 50-70 people.

"There are chefs in the room serving up the Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, a disco within the room itself, fantastic views and a private bar.

"In the Hick Pavilion, if it is a mixed party night you are looking for, then it's the best venue in the city. "The team have been doing it for many years and the reputation we've got is second to none and that's why we get a lot of repeat business."

Graham added: "As stupid as it sounds, we are going to be looking to nail down what we are doing by means of numbers for this December.

"I do believe once we've been in touch with everyone that came this year, by the end of February there won't be a lot of capacity left for 2016. We are really chuffed with the way it is has gone.

"Christmas parties are a bit similar to what we've done with T20 in a weird way. We know exactly what we are doing, we know the formula that we've got works, we know that people enjoy it and it gives value for money.

"It is just making sure we can get that over. If you talk about T20, our retention of people coming back year after year is higher than anyone else in the country.

"With Christmas parties, the retention of people that keep coming back is also high so we are doing everything right.

"The key for us is retention is vital but we need the new business and new people coming in to see what we are about."