Thursday, June 18th, 2015

Rapids Tv Advert Boosts Ticket Sales And Receives Major Positive Feedback

Rapids Tv Advert Boosts Ticket Sales And Receives Major Positive Feedback

Worcestershire Rapids TV advert comes to an end today with the club's commercial director Jon Graham hailing the "massive impact" it has had in many areas.

The ITV 1 ad, featuring skipper Daryl Mitchell and paceman Jack Shantry, has been seen in 30 different slots on prime time television during the past fortnight.

It has resulted in increased ticket sales, positive feedback from other counties and businesses in the city, three times as many Worcs CCC website hits, and highlighting the Worcestershire and Rapids brand to hundreds of thousands of people in the county's catchment area.

The venture came about after Worcester City Council and Worcestershire County Council linked up with Worcestershire County Cricket Club to promote the world class business, leisure and tourism offer under the #WorldClassWorcs banner during the club’s 150th anniversary year.

Graham said: "The feedback has exceeded all of our expectations. We are really chuffed the other counties have seen what we've done and been really complimentary.

"Lots of businesses in the city have been really complimentary about what we've done.

"As a collective, we are really proud of what we've delivered. It's the first time it's ever been done and I would hope that we could do it again.

"The numbers, as far as ticket sales are concerned, the advert has had a major impact.

"To have 3,800 people here for a televised game on a Sunday afternoon (v Notts Outlaws) is unheard of from our experiences of T20 cricket.

"We are hopeful of a decent gate on Friday as well. I'd like to think with hopefully a win at Old Trafford tonight and then decent weather on Friday (v Derbyshire Falcons) we'd be nudging 4,000 again – and thereafter who knows.

"But the one thing the TV advert has done has an impact on the advanced ticket sales for all the other games.

"We will be sold out for the Birmingham Bears within the next week. As ever that is going to be a bumper crowd but we will be sold out probably two or three weeks before the start of the game which is again unheard of."

Graham added: "What we will do in the next three weeks is an overall evaluation of how things went, impact on ticket sales etc.

"We know the traffic on the web-site has gone up three fold since we've been on the TV which is something we thought would happen so we've got more people looking at the website, looking at other things that we do.

"It is that knock-on effect of people might see the advert and think 'T20, that's interesting' but also understand we are a little bit more than just T20 – the Championship games, the business outside of cricket.

"It's about getting as many people as possible exposed to our brand as possible and TV definitely does that.

"It was a bit of a leap of faith because it hasn't been done before but the signs are it has had a massive impact."