Tuesday, May 5th, 2020


worcestershire ccc players and coaches have all volunteered to run nearly 1,000 kilometres in seven days as part of the ‘rapids relay’ to raise funds for acorns children’s hospice.

the distance being covered mirrors the number of kilometres involved travelling to venues in the rapids vitality blast north group via, in this order, warwickshire, lancashire, durham, yorkshire, nottinghamshire, derbyshire, leicestershire, northamptonshire then back to New Road.

the participants are using their permitted exercise time as part of the government lockdown for covid-19 in aid of this worthy cause before handing over to the next player in a relay system operating from 8am to 8pm each day.

day 1 – friday 1st may
funds raised (as of 8pm): £3,973
kilometres covered: 142
participants in running order: joe leach, charlie morris, adam finch, josh tongue, jack haynes, dillon pennington, alex gidman, daryl mitchell, chloe hill, camila henderson, ed barnard, josh dell.

day 2 – saturday 2nd may
funds raised (as of 8pm): £5,774
kilometres covered to date: 284
participants in running order: pat brown, alan richardson, alex milton, brett d’oliveira, riki wessels, olly westbury, emily arlott, jake libby, kevin sharp, ben twohig, peter clark, ben cox.

day 3 – sunday 3rd may
funds raised (as of 8pm) : £7,134
kilometres covered to date: 424
participants in running order: alex gidman, tom fell, josh dell, ross whiteley, ed barnard, ryan d’oliveira, ben davies, rachael howells, jenny cotham, adam finch, josh tongue, elliot wilson.

day 4 –  monday 4th may
funds raised (as of 8pm) : £7,860
kilometres covered to date: 550
participants in running order: joe leach, ross whiteley, ben twohig, ally mckenzie, olly westbury, dillon pennington, jake libby, alex milton, fanos hira, henry cullen, mitchell stanley, ben cox.

day 5 – tuesday 5th may
funds raised (as of 8pm): £9,152
kilometres covered to date: 716
participants in running order: daryl mitchell, alan richardson, adam finch, brett d’oliveira, george scrimshaw, josh dell, riki wessels, charlie morris, kevin sharp, emily arlott, ed bragg, tom fell.

day 6 – wednesday 6th may
funds raised (as of 8pm): £10,202
kilometres covered to date: 843
participants in running order: ross dewar, ed barnard, josh tongue, alex milton, jake libby, dillon pennington, andy sutton, ben twohig, chloe hill, alex hinkley, rachel howells, jenny cotham.

day 7 – thursday 7th may
funds raised (as of 8pm): £12,951
total kilometres covered: we made it back to New Road! 1008 kilometres covered!
participants in running order: alan richardson, charlie morris, olly westbury, riki wessels, brett d’oliveira, alex gidman, ross whiteley, joe leach, daryl mitchell, pat brown, tom fell, ben cox.

anyone still wishing to donate, please visit: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/worcestershirecccrapidsrelay