Wednesday, April 13th, 2016

Rain And Flood Facts Relating To New Road From Andrew Thomas

Andrew Thomas – author of 'Pears 150' – has come up with some interesting New Road 'flood' facts involving some of them current Worcestershire head groundsman Tim Packwood.

Andrew reports that Tim will complete 27 years as a member of the County groundstaff tomorrow (April 14).

He says that Tim has helped to clear up 29 floods at New Road since becoming head groundsman.

That tally is second only amongst Worcestershire groundsmen to Fred Hunt who had to contend with 46 floods.

Andrew also reports that the first match of the 1968 against Australia at New Road was abandoned without a ball being bowled.

But, in contrast to the current rain-affected match with Kent, that aborted contest against the Australians took place on MAY 8,9 and 10 and not early APRIL.

It is a clear indication of how much earlier the cricket season now gets underway.

Andrew also reports that 17 of Worcestershire's 28 County Championship matches in that 1968 season were affected by rain.