Friday, May 24th, 2019


Adam Finch says he learnt the value of showing patience as a bowler during England Under-19s tour of Bangladesh.

The Worcestershire CCC paceman was part of the squad which was given a testing time in T20, ODI and Test matches.

But the 18-year-old felt the tour was an invaluable exercise in adapting to different aspects of the game.

Here Adam looks back at that experience, being part of the first team squad during the pre-season tour of Abu Dhabi and his aims for the future in a question and answer session with the Worcestershire CCC website.

Question: How was the Bangladesh tour for you?

Adam Finch: “A tough tour but personally I think it went okay. It is always tough when the results aren’t going your way but as a team we came to every day with a new, fresh attitude and we put everything into it, training and game-wise.

“But personally really pleased with how it went out there and looking forward to trying to bring it into the summer over here as it progresses.”

Question: What did you learn from over there?

Adam Finch: “It was just that things don’t happen very quickly over there, especially in the Test matches.

“You have to be really patient and look to stack up dot balls and be more intricate as to how you are going to get someone out rather than just kind of something happening (with the ball) every now and then.

“Very attritional and it was a brilliant challenge to test yourself in those kind of conditions because the Bangladesh players are really good playing in their own conditions and I’m sure when they come over here later in the summer it will be just as interesting a series.

“I’m sure it will be very similar to how we felt going over there, practicing against the turning ball and for a seam bowler just trying to smash down the stumps.

“They might have to try a few new things as well.”

Question: So a great experience then?

Adam Finch: “Test cricket wise, for six overs something might not happen but then, when something does happen, it was about really learning to capitalise on that opportunity, taking advantage of the new batsman, testing their defence as many times as you can rather than them being able to leave the ball.

“There is more of the philosophy of you’d prefer the batsman playing than leaving you. If they nick it for four, or you get driven for four, it is still an opportunity to get them out.

“All it has got to do is move an inch and they can nick it. It’s an opportunity whereas if they are leaving it, they can leave it forever and you are stuck in a loophole.

“It was a brilliant experience and really looking forward to more challenges ahead.”

Question: You then linked up with the Worcestershire squad in Abu Dhabi and played in some of the pre-season games over here?

Adam Finch: “It was superb. It was such a brilliant tour, being able to bowl at Alastair Cook was terrific.

“Learning from people like Daryl (Mitchell) and Leachy (Joe Leach) while out there was absolutely brilliant and I can already feel my tactical side of the game improving from just being around them and talking to them and getting a bit more confidence and trusting myself.

“It was nice to come back from that with those kind of experiences under your belt and then to be involved in some of the warm-up games over here.

“It was a brilliant opportunity to play alongside and test yourself against those kind of players and really see where you are, see the standard and accumulate those experiences.

“Then if I do get an opportunity to play for the first team, it is not like a punch in the face, it’s not a new experience. You’ve done it before and you can trust yourself and back yourself.”

Question: What is the main difference as a bowler between first team and second eleven cricket?

Adam Finch: “I think how switched on you’ve got to be consistently. There is no ‘I’ll have a delivery to get into things’ because that ball can disappear for four or six.

“Having the presence of mind to say it’s ‘go’ time now, it’s now a warm up ball. It’s 100 per cent all of the time.”

Question: You’ve played a lot of cricket during the last couple of winters. How beneficial is that to your growth?

Adam Finch: “It is always nice to take cricket through. I’ve done that now for the last two winters, with the Under-19 World Cup and now this one. It’s all great experience.

“Talking to the lads who have been away in the winter as well, they say it’s nice to go from finishing here in the summer, having a month off and then getting straight back into it.”

Question: Do you feel you have made big strides during the past last 12 months?

Adam Finch: “I feel I’ve gone nicely. Talking with Alan (Richardson), there is always more to learn, more opportunities to grow. No-one is perfect and I’ll always try and learn and grow as a cricketer and try my hardest.”

Are you aiming to follow Josh Tongue, Pat Brown and Dillon Pennington in challenging and then getting into the first tea?

Adam Finch: “They are brilliant people to idolise and look at and say ‘I’d really love to do that.’

“Being such close friends with them, you get to talk to them about how they went about it when they got their opportunity.

“They are such calming lads to be around, they don’t put any pressure on it. They say ‘when you get your opportunity just try your best.’ Everyone knows you are trying your best and no-one is going out there with half efforts. It’s a brilliant environment to be around.”