Friday, May 19th, 2017

Question And Answer Session With Nathan Lyon

Australian spinner Nathan Lyon is experiencing his first taste of county cricket after linking up with Worcestershire for the next month.

Lyon, who has taken 247 wickets in 67 Tests, has temporarily replaced his compatriot John Hastings who will be on ICC Championship Trophy duty.

He will have a key role to play in next winter's Ashes Series and is eager to learn in his new surroundings at New Road following a five week break since the Test series in India.

But Lyon also is willing to aid the county's young spinners such as George Rhodes and Ben Twohig.

Here Lyon, who is set to make his Specsavers County Championship debut against Derbyshire today, reveals his ambitions and hopes in a question and answer session with the Worcestershire CCC website.


Question: Welcome to New Road Nathan and what are your first impressions?

Nathan Lyon: "I've played there in a tour game for Australia so it is not my first time at New Road but very excited to be back and looking forward to playing a role and getting around the boys and passing on a bit of knowledge as well.


Question: What was the attraction of playing county cricket?

Nathan Lyon: "Just the opportunity to come over and learn off different coaches and different players and learn to adapt to different conditions and play against different opportunity.

"If I can just go out there and adapt and learn as a cricketer on and off the field, it is going to put me in good stead.

"It is also an opportunity to play some longer format cricket especially leading up to the big Ashes back home so it is exciting times.

"I am also following a long list of Australians who have played at Worcester and it is a great club.

"They welcomed me in straight away on Monday morning and made me feel at home. It is a good bunch of guys and hopefully I can play a big role for them."


Question: Did John Hastings have a big influence on you coming to Worcestershire?

Nathan Lyon: "He contacted me straight away when there was an opportunity for me to come over and play.

"He is a good mate and must have put a good word in for me! It is a good opportunity.

"John has made a big impact already here and hopefully I can come in and help the boys out here and there and offer a bit of advice and help if there are any young spinners needing assistance at training or out in the middle.

"Hopefully I can be just a good guy and help around the group and play a role."


Question: You are coming into a side which has made an excellent start to the season?

Nathan Lyon: "Definitely, parachuting in for a bit of fun hopefully! I'm looking forward to getting out there with the boys.

"It's good experience. I'm only here for a month and there is no reason why I can't have a good crack."


Question: Were you disappointed not to make the Australian squad for the ICC Trophy?

Nathan Lyon: "I had a pretty good heads up that I wasn't going to get picked in that. I've known for a while but it is exciting to be over here and I'll be watching the boys pretty closely

"Hopefully they put in some performances, play some good tournament cricket and come out with the goods."


Question: What were you intending to do if this opportunity at Worcestershire hadn't arisen?

Nathan Lyon: "I was just planning on being at home before this opportunity came up and spending some time with my family but it was a good opportunity to come over and play some longer format crcket.

"I got the itch to start bowling again after about five weeks off so I am looking forward to it."

Question: Have you got anymore cricket after this spell before the Ashes?


Nathan Lyon: "We've got two Tests in Bangladesh which will be a good opportunity for me and also to get some overs under my belt in the four County Championship games I've got for Worcestershire and then go from there."


Question: You've got an impressive Test record with 247 wickets in 67 Tests – an average of four per game?

Nathan Lyon: "I don't like to look at personal success. I like to look at team success. I'll sit back at the end of my career and look at that sort of stuff.

"I've been very lucky so far in my career and hopefully I can keep putting in some solid performances."


Question: You are facing different conditions over here to your last games in the Test series in India five weeks ago?

Nathan Lyon: "Different. I dare say the wickets are going to be a little bit more friendly for fast bowling and not so much spin bowling, especially compared to India.

"But it's another good challenge for myself so I'm pretty excited."