Sunday, July 18th, 2021


It was a proud day for Phil Mellish – part of Worcestershire CCC’s official scoring team – when he filled the role of England’s official scorer for the ODI with Pakistan at Lord’s.

In addition, current first-team scorer, Sue Drinkwater, operated the official scoreboards for the 50 over game.

Phil has been associated with Worcestershire for nearly two decades since the then first-team scorer, Wally Clarke, asked him to score in an Under-21 game.

After a spell officiating Academy matches, Damian D’Oliveira asked Phil to take over as Worcestershire CCC analyst, a role he combined from 2012 with being second-team scorer.

The sad death of first-team scorer Dawn Pugh four years ago led to Phil and Sue sharing first-team duties for a spell until they became separate second team and first-team scorers, respectively.

Phil said: “I was invited to be the England scorer by the Association Of Cricket Scorers. It was an incredibly proud day.

“I was able to take my parents as well, and they were very, very proud of me. It was a great day.

“The day seemed to be dominated by Worcestershire folk. I saw Alan Richardson in his England bowling coach role, and our former physio, Ben Davies, was also involved.

“Sue was there operating the scoreboards as official scoreboard operator. It was a Worcestershire takeover!”

Sue scored for the Lord’s Test between England and South Africa in 2017 and has officiated at other international games, including England Women.

She has been officiating for more than 40 years since beginning with Cheltenham side, Prestbury.