Monday, December 29th, 2014

Players Put Through Paces At Malvern College In New Year

Players Put Through Paces At Malvern College In New Year

Worcestershire's players will report back on January 5 after their festive break to concentrate on honing their cricketing skills at Malvern College ahead of the 2015 season.

The squad have been predominantly undergoing strengthening and conditioning work since early November under the supervision of Ross Dewar.

But now they will combine that with working on the technical facets of their game during the next two months at the College before the pre-season trip to Abu Dhabi from March 4 to 14.

Assistant coach Matt Mason said: "The programme is structured in such a way that it starts off slowly and builds itself up and we hit the ground running at the end of March for the start of the season.

"Until the Christmas period, the focus was predominatly strengthening and conditioning so the guys tended to split up into batting and bowling groups because each discipline requires a different kind of fitness and strength.

"We are very lucky to have someone like Ross Dewar here who has had 15 years of cricketing experience and knows exactly how to tailor a programme to suit all of our individuals.

"We start cricket in the New Year. We don't just go down the route of just fitness throughout January, February and March.

"There will be elements of that but it will back off slightly so we can get in the cricket skill development work.

"Anyone who needs any technical work, that's when they will do it.

"We are lucky to have a place like Malvern College where we can base ourselves and the guys will start off four days a week, eight in the morning until one in the afternoon.

"It is quite a busy programme and then in the afternoons they will come back to the cricket club and do some more work in the gym with Ross."

The county players now train for 11 months a year, having only October off after the end of the season, and it is a different scenario to the majority of Mason's playing days when players would not report back until March after the winter.

He said: "It was more difficult for me (adapting to full-time winter training) because I was there playing before it happened.

"But, for most of the guys in the squad now, this is the norm and I think it is actually better.

"The players seem to buy into it. Our winters are very enjoyable, or as much as they can be when you are stuck inside with the rain and the snow outside!

"That's all they know and they are professional athletes so they know what is required."