Thursday, November 2nd, 2017

Players Keep In Condition For Return To Pre-Season Training

worcestershire’s players are already gearing up for when they officially return for pre-season training on november 13.

the squad have been given an extra couple of weeks break this winter to recharge the batteries after a successful but demanding six month long season.

but they still have fitness programmes to adhere to and can be seen regularly been going through their paces in the New Road gymnasium.

assistant coach matt mason said: “the season is very long now and they deserve that extra couple of weeks off.

“but they’ve all also been given goals that they have to come back in mid november in a certain condition.

“what we don’t want is for the players to de-train too much and come back and start from behind.

“but it is good to give them that responsibility and the players were very happy to be told they were going to get an extra fortnight because, to be honest, they deserved it.

“with the pre-season gearing up from january, it’s a long old season. from january until the end of september they are flat out.

“the extra couple of weeks is no more than they deserve.”