Friday, July 24th, 2015

Part Two Of Interview With Worcs Ccc Paceman Charlie Morris

Part Two Of Interview With Worcs Ccc Paceman Charlie Morris

Worcestershire paceman Charlie Morris reveals the influence of bowling coach Matt Mason, his own work ethos and long term international goals in part two of his interview with the Worcestershire CCC website.

Question: You are pass the 100 wicket mark yourself, do you stack up milestones like that?

Charlie Morris: "I don't really set mysef goals like that at all. I take each game as it comes and making sure I get everything right because if I get everything right then those milestones will take care of themselves.

"I am no means thinking aout 50 wickets now (for 20150). If it happens, it is really nice to get there but to be honest.

"To look back now and think I've got 100 first class wickets is great. It is a nice milestone to get to and one I thought would never happen.

"If someone had said a few years ago, I would get my 100th first class wicket in 2015, I would have thought that would never happen.

"It's nice to get there but you only get such milestones by focusing and improving each day and that's something I am focused on so it (milestones) is not in the forefront of my mind at all."

Question: Bowling coach Matt Mason says you are always striving to improve and always out there in the middle practicing?

Charlie Morris: "You've got to find the right time. It's difficult during the season because you've got to find the right balance between rest and improvement because even when you go out and bowl in practice, that takes it out of your body a little bit.

"There is also not a lot of time between games but I try and get as much done as I can but the season is obviously all about performing and doing well on the pitch and letting your skill-set take over.

"But I really want to use the practice time to really improve your skills and having that mindset will help progress my cricket and improve it at a quicker rate by taking every opportunity I can to keep improving."

Question: Is Matt Mason a big help to you? Charlie Morris:

"He is a massive help and very supportive. He knows exactly what makes us seamers tick and how we work.

"He is always striving as well and pushing us to improve and I think that's key because it's alright when things are going well to take your foot off the gas but as soon as that happens you instantly will stop performing.

"You will stop doing as well as you can and will never reach your potential and the whole ethos of all the players is to keep improving. We are working really hard at our skills and hopefully it will translate out onto the pitch."

Question: Matt Mason says you are driven to play for England?

Charlie Morris: "For me, playing for England is obviously a dream but for me it goes without saying. As a professional cricketer, I can't see why you wouldn't want to play for England. That's the highest level you can get to.

"It is a kind of a 'it goes without saying' thing for me. It is a long term goal if you like but certainly not something I'm focused on at all. The only way to get there is by improving week in and week out and performing for Worcestershire.

"Hopefully the big things take care of themselves. To get there one day would be a dream come true and it keeps you training hard and wanting to improve but hopefully that dream will become a reality one day."

Question: Seeing Moeen Ali playing in the Ashes must act as a spur?

Charlie Morris: "It is and also when you play against such players. I was talking to Joe Leach about it in the dressing room last week and to Joe Clarke and to play against Ian Bell and some of the Notts players, Alex Hales etc, is special.

"To watch the England boys on TV and then suddenly playing against them, is a great feeling and as long as you work hard then you have the possibility of getting there.

"To watch Moeen play in the Ashes is fantastic for everyone in the dressing room. Any of us in the dressing room grew up watching the Ashes and to play in that is a dream."

Question: "You've had a first innings lead in the majority of Championship matches."

Charlie Morris: "We have played some great cricket and it is really important to focus on that. Look at the bonus points we've picked up, more than anyone, and we've been in winning positions in the majority of our games.

"That is a real confidence booster in the dressing room especially for such a young squad. We are coming up against some very good teams.

"However it is equally frustrating that we have got in those positions and haven't quite managed to fill the games off. I think it is really important to look at the positivesand there are a lot of positives to take from our season so far.

"With the number of games to go, we are by no means out of the chance to stay up and as long as we keep working hard, we can do no more, and it will come right. If we win a couple of games, we will probably stay up in this division."