Thursday, October 17th, 2019


pat brown says he will relish the challenges of stepping up to a higher level when he flies out with england on monday for the t20is in new zealand.

the worcestershire paceman has been selected as part of the squad for the five matches against the black caps.

brown heard the news of his call-up via a phone call for national selector ed smith during a rare venture onto a golf course.

the euphoria and excitement of his first international call-up may have affected brown’s performance for the rest of the round.

but he hopes to be fully in the swing with the ball in two warm-up games in new zealand and if selected to play a part in the t20i series from november 1 to 10.

he has already demonstrated that he can handle pressure situations with his performances on successive vitality blast finals days for the rapids.

brown said: “very proud. it was not the call you expect, and certainly not a call you get every day. i was very shocked and very proud to get that call.

“ed smith rang me while i was actually playing golf – and i never play golf! maybe i need to play a bit more. i get good news when i play!

“i was playing with one of my best mates from uni. it was a weird feeling in that i never play golf and i’ve never been called up by england before.

“it was in coventry. after the call, i lost about eight balls. i wasn’t really focusing too much on golf!”

brown’s first call after receiving the news was to his parents who played a large role in his early development in transporting him backwards and forwards from lincolnshire to malvern college and New Road.

he said: “i rang my mum and dad straight away and they couldn’t believe it. they thought i was taking the mickey. it was one of the strangest calls i’ve ever had to them. it was really surreal and my dad was tearful.

“it was nice for me to get selected – but to know what it means to them makes it even more special.

“it brought back memories of the drives from lincolnshire and the hours they gave up to help me.

“i think the commitment i showed and they showed has more than paid off since then and that call was just the icing on the cake really and made it all worth it.”

brown admits his performance on blast finals day may have been a factor in him getting the nod for the england squad.

he said: “did it come as a surprise? i’d heard they might be resting a few players.

“blast finals day is a great shop window to put yourself in if you can perform. maybe the bigger occasion brought the best out of me again and i managed to bowl well in both games.

“i’d had a pretty good two years so maybe finals day this year took me over the edge to get selected if they weren’t sure.

“it’s a five game series and i hope i get given at least one chance. it will be an incredible feeling it it happens.

“i’m looking forward to it and will try and take it in my stride like i normally do.”

brown added: “new zealand are a good white ball side and showed that in the icc world cup and have got very dangerous players.

“they’ve got a lot of players i’ve not come up against before which could work both ways in terms of maybe i could surprise them or, for me not having played against them, i don’t know how they will approach things.

“it’s a challenge for me against better players on different pitches. it’s a challenge but one i’m looking forward to and hoping i will revel in.

“the blast finals day with all the hype and pressure brings the competitive side of me and i get the best out of myself.

“i don’t know what it is. hopefully that can continue and progress even more if i make my debut for england.”

brown admits some of the england team are his cricketing heroes.

he said: “you look up to the likes of jos buttler, jonny bairstow and eoin morgan. even three or four years ago in my wildest dreams i never thought i would be playing with or against them.

“to be playing with them in an england shirt, is going to be pretty surreal and it’s good i’ve played against them already. you have that bit of a relationship and mutual respect.

“i’m looking forward to joining up with those guys and learning a lot off them as well.”