Friday, December 2nd, 2016

Opener Westbury Aims To “carry On Scoring” To Help Achieve Goals

Opener Westbury Aims To “carry On Scoring” To Help Achieve Goals

Ollie Westbury wants to "carry on scoring" next season as he gets to grips with life as a full-time professional cricketer with Worcestershire.

The opening batsman had a 2016 campaign to remember which culminated in scoring 196 on his England Under-19s debut against Sri Lanka and being rewarded with a one year contract at New Road for his efforts throughout the summer.

Westbury says "the first team is the aspiration" but knows repeating the weight of runs he amassed during 2015 has to be the main target in helping him to achieve his goals.

He said: "Is the goal next summer to challenge for a first team spot? I think it is just to try and score as many runs as I can no matter what position they put me in.

"I'll obviously probably start in the second team and will look to score as many runs as I can whatever opportunity I get and apply the same basic principles as I have the last couple of years.

"Then hopefully I'll look to work my way up as the season progresses. I'm really looking forward to it. The first team is the aspiration.

"But it is all kind of a stepping stone process and one thing leads to the other.

"As long as I can keep putting in those performances day in and day out and keep scoring runs, I'm sure that will figure itself out."

Westbury is coming to terms with the work he has been put through during the past few weeks by Strengthening And Conditioning Coach Ross Dewar at New Road.

He said: "It is hard. There is a lot of work in the gym, a lot of early mornings, but so far I've actually quite enjoyed it. I didn't think I would enjoy it quite as much as I have done.

"It is hard work but it is good for me, I need it, and so far it has been going quite well.

"I've woken up in a few precarious positions in the morning and not been able to get out of bed very easily!

"But it is all for your own good and is going to slowly get easier week by week as you do more and more."