Sunday, September 9th, 2018

Official Unveiling Of Tip Foster Trophy In Graeme Hick Pavilion

the official unveiling of the tip foster trophy will take place on monday (september 10) in the graeme hick pavilion ahead of the opening day’s play in the specsavers county championship clash with surrey at New Road.

three generations of the foster family – including the oldest surviving foster – june who is aged 96 – are expected to attend the ceremony which will take place at 9.45am.

also present will be her son, jonathan fisher, who has organised the ceremony.

tip foster remains the only player to still captain england at both cricket and football and was one of seven fosters to be educated at malvern college and also play for worcestershire.

the tip foster trophy will now take pride of place in a cabinet in the hick pavilion alongside the other memorabilia celebrating the county’s proud past.

the trophy was commissioned by the foster family to mark the 100th anniversary of tip foster’s death three years ago.

it has also been used in recent years for worcestershire’s damian d’oliveira academy player of the year award.